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Spring Candle Collection by Avon - This new Garden Party collection of candles will bring the scent of fresh blooms into your home to liven up the space after a long winter's nap. The four new candle fragrances include Eucalyptus Mint, a blend of citrus, mint, tea, and eucalytus, Honeysuckle Blossom, sheer florals and vanilla, Water Lily, with notes of ocean sage, sea salt, and water lily, and Mademoiselle, a fruity floral blend with strawberry, jasmine, and amber. This home fragrance collection of 3-wick, 11 ounce candles offer a 30 hour burn time and are available from your Avon representative.

Avon Garden Party Candle Collection Fragrances

Avon Garden Party Candle Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Avon
Introduced January 2017
Scents Eucalyptus Mint | Honeysuckle Blossom | Mademoiselle | Water Lily
Products 3-Wick Scented Candles 11 oz. / $19.99

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Avon Garden Party Candle Collection

Freshen up your home with floral scents. Florals, sunshine, and fresh air smells fill this collection of candles.

New Fragrances

Eucalyptus Mint - Relaxing as a warm breeze! The Eucalyptus Mint Candle features soothing scents to relax you after a long day. Notes of eucalytus, sparkling citrus, spearmint leaves, crisp woods, vanilla and fresh tea.

Honeysuckle Blossom - The flowers are booming -- Honeysuckles that is! This candle gives off alluring smells of honeysuckle highlighted by sheer florals with a creamy vanilla background to fill your home. Notes of honeysuckle highlighted by sheer florals with a creamy vanilla background.

Mademoiselle - Fill any room with the soft feminie scents of pink jasmine and more. Notes of strawberry, tangering, pink jasmine and amber.

Water Lily - Fill your home with the beautiful and timeless scents of the water lily. Notes of sea salt, blue hydrangea, water lily and ocean sage.

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