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Italian Piazza Collection by Bath & Body Works - "Treat Yourself at the Piazza. Fill your home with these authentic fragrances from the heart of Italy featuring lemon liquer, rich coffee and sweet gelato!" --bathandbodyworks.com

Bath & Body Works Italian Piazza

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Fragrance House Bath & Body Works
Introduced April 2013
Scents Available Bellini Cafe | Espresso Bar | Gelato | Limoncello | Sicilian Orange | Tuscan Herbs | Villa Bergamot
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Bath & Body Works Bellini Cafe home fragrances
Bellini Cafe
"A bellissimo blend of sparkling berries, juicy apples and sugared grape notes."
Bath & Body Works Espresso Bar home fragrances
Espresso Bar
"Stop and savor the aromas of roasted espresso beans and sweet vanilla froth like the Italians, who never take their coffee 'to go.'"
Bath & Body Works gelato home fragrances
"A creamy, sweet blend of raspberry and strawberry with an effervescent sugar- spun finish form the perfect Italian indulgence."
Bath & Body Works Limoncello home fragrances
"Cheers! Notes of Sorrento lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest capture Italy's beloved after-dinner liqueur, Limoncello."
Bath & Body Works Sicilian Orange home fragrances
Sicilian Orange
"Sundrenched Italian groves grow the sweetest and juiciest oranges. This glamorous blend of orange, Sicilian bergamot, sun-kissed lilies and mandarin blossoms perfectly captures Sicilian citrus."
Bath & Body Works Tuscan Herbs home fragrances
Tuscan Herbs
"Aromatic herbs from the sundrenched soil of Tuscany combine fresh basil, parsley and garden greens for an instant escape to the Italian countryside."
Bath & Body Works Villa Bergamot home fragrances
Villa Bergamot
"Aromatic bergamot grown in the warm and sunny Calabria region of Italy inspired this elegant citrus blend that also includes lavender and geranium."

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