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Winter Candle Fragrances by Bath & Body Works (2019) - A new collection of seasonal inspired scents to wrap your in warmth this cold winter season. A new collection of home fragrances are available in 3-wick candles now at Bath & Body Works stores. Scents include Cherry Mocha (cherry, chocolate, whipped cream), Praline Pecan & Cream (apple, chestnut, buttercream), Cinnamon & Clove Buds (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg), Mahogany Balsam (juniper berry, balsam, wood), Citrus & Spice (orange, clove, musk), and Vanilla Birch (birch, vanilla, sandalwood). Find your new holiday favorite!

Bath & Body Works Winter Candles Fragrances

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Fragrance House Bath & Body Works
Introduced October 2019
Products 3-Wick Candles 14.5 oz / $24.50,

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Bath & Body Works Winter Candles

New Fragrances

Cherry Mocha - Sweet Cherry, Decadent Chocolate, Whipped Cream. It's your favorite holiday coffee confection in a candle.

Cinnamon and Clove Bud - Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud, Ground Nutmeg. This'll spice up those holiday get-togethers.

Citrus and Spice - Bitter Orange, Fresh Clove, Soft Musk. We put a bright spin on the holiday spice you love.

Mahogany Balsam - Juniper Berry, Fresh Balsam, Mahogany Wood. A wintry twist on a woodsy fave.

Praline Pecan and Cream - The sweet and nutty holiday treat you (and your guests) will love. Roasted Apples, Sugared Chestnuts, Whipped Buttercream.

Vanilla Birch - White Birch, Madagascar Vanilla, Warm Sandalwood. This sweet, woodsy candle's like a stroll through the forest.

(Source: bathandbodyworks.com, 11/19)

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