Fragrance guide for Belle Fleur

Fragrance guide for candles and home collections by Belle Fleur.

Belle Fleur New York Fragrance Collection

Essential oils and raw natural ingredients are paramount at Belle Fleur NY.

Belle Fleur Bergamot Cedar home fragrances

Bergamot Cedar -- available in: Scented Candles
Cedar, Sandalwood & Bergamot with Frangipani and Amber Vanilla.
Top - bergamot, peach, green pineapple
Heart - galbanum, violet leaf, cistus, labdanum
Base - birch, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla

Belle Fleur Cacao Tabaq home fragrances

Cacao Tabaq -- available in: Scented Candles
Chocolate, Tobacco Leaf & Ebony Wood warmed with Roasted Espresso.
Top - rich tobacco leaf, chestnut honey, Japanese cherry blossom
Heart - espresso bean, bittersweet cocoa, amber crystals
Base - smoked ebonywood, vanilla bean, white patchouli

Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte scented candles

Casa Malaparte -- available in: Scented Candles | Perfumed Diffuser
Relaxing in the Amalfi sun at the Bay of Naples with sparkling citrus, lush greens, salted sea water, florals and white musk.
Notes - grapefruit, jasmine, rose, cedarwood, heliotrope

Belle Fleur Figue Noir home fragrances

Figue Noir -- available in: Scented Candles
Black Fig & Vetiver Grass infused with notes of Juniper Berry.
Top - cardamom, bergamot, fig leaf, juniper berries
Heart - cyclamen, fig, rhubarb, geranium
Base - strawberry, vetyver, oakmoss

Belle Fleur Fleur d'Anjou scented candles

Fleur d'Anjou -- available in: Scented Candles
Smooth, crisp pear accord with subtle floral undertones.
Notes - fresh pear accord, muguet, osmanthus, orris, myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla

Belle Fleur Grapefruit Muguet home fragrances

Grapefruit Muguet -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray
Grapefruit, Lily of the Valley & Bergamot with fresh Star Jasmine.
Top - grapefruit, mandarin, green tea accord
Heart - lily of the valley, camellia flower, petitgrain, jasmine
Base - cedarwood, white musk, spun sugar

Belle Fleur Imperial Oudh home fragrances

Imperial Oudh -- available in: Scented Candles
Moroccan Rose Absolute, Violet, Oudh, Tobacco Leaf, Leather, Spice, Tolu & Amber
Top - violet, tobacco leaf
Heart - Moroccan rose absolute, oudh, tolu
Base - spice, amber, smoke, leather, labdanum

Belle Fleur Indochine scented candles

Indochine -- available in: Scented Candles
A warm intermingling of Indian, Chinese and French influence with a heart of honey and creamy patchouli with notes of saffron and benzoin, with a base of rosewood and vanilla.
Notes - honey absolute, osmanthus, saffron, patchouli

Belle Fleur Jasmine Verbena home fragrances

Jasmine Verbena -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray
Jasmine & Verbena in a thicket of Clover and Wild Verbena Grass.
Top - violet leaf, petitgrain, India celery seed
Heart - jasmine, lilac, hyacinth, rose petals, orange flower
Base - Madagascar clove, Haitian vetiver, acacia wood

Belle Fleur Kyara Clove home fragrances

Kyara Clove -- available in: Scented Candles
Exotic Woods of Kyara, Agar & Siam with Spices and an aura of Vintage Leather.
Top - apricot, bergamot, praline
Heart - clove, cedarwood, jasmine pearl, amber, agarwood (oudh)
Base - Kyara wood, incense, oakmoss, patchouli, Siam wood

Belle Fleur Mayan Tuberose home fragrances

Mayan Tuberose -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray
Tuberose, Gardenia & Ylang Ylang warmed with Amber Vanilla.
Top - Mexican tuberose, neroli, watercress
Heart - gardenia, rose absolute, ylang ylang
Base - vanilla bean, white musk, sandalwood

Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica scented candles

Mimosa Magnifica -- available in: Scented Candles | Perfumed Diffuser
A floral oriental that sublty melds old world with new world.
Notes - violet, mimosa absolute, thyme, amber

Belle Fleur Nazara scented candles

Nazara -- available in: Scented Candles
A juxtapositioin of precious resins and exotic woods with a gourmand blend of orange, vanilla, and honey. A limited edition celestial scent.
Notes - fir balsam, honey absolute, seville orange, casablanca lily, myrrh, frankincense

Belle Fleur Neroli Pine home fragrances

Neroli Pine -- available in: Scented Candles
Evergreen & Fir Balsam with a blend of Seville Orange and Rich Golden Honey
Top - Seville orange, honey absolute
Heart - evergreen, fir balsam, cinnamon spice, orange flower
Base - vanilla, oakmoss, cedarwood

Belle Fleur Orange Flower Pomegranate home fragrances

Orange Blossom Pomegranate -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray
Orange Blossom, Pomegranate & Cassis.
Top - Seville orange, red currant, cassis, pomegranate
Heart - jasmine, geranium, orange blossom, rose
Base - amber, vanilla bean

Belle Fleur Palo Santo scented candles

Palo Santo -- available in: Scented Candles | Perfumed Diffuser
The resinous wood of the mystical tree of South America anchors the scent blended with sweet violet, heliotrope and amber.
Notes - ylang ylang, violet, styrax, guaiacwood, copal

Belle Fleur Petales d'Amour home fragrances

Petales d'Amour -- available in: Scented Candles | Perfumed Diffuser
Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Black Currant, Green Apple, Jasmine, Fig & Sandalwood.
Top - bergamot, black currant, raspberry
Heart - green apple, Bulgarian rose absolute, jasmine
Base - fig, vanilla, sandalwood

Belle Fleur Rose Immortelle home fragrances

Rose Immortelle -- available in: Scented Candles | Perfumed Diffuser
Egyptian Rose Absolute, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Orris, Galbanum, Cedarwood, Amber & Mint.
Top - lemon, red currant, mint
Heart - rose centifolia absolute, jasmine, hyacinth
Base - orris, amber, galbanum, cedarwood

Belle Fleur Velvet Santal home fragrances

Velvet Santal -- available in: Scented Candles | Perfumed Diffuser
Turkish Rose Absolute, Plum, Magnolia, Peony, Agarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla & Sandalwood
Top - broom, cardamom, plum
Heart - Turkish rose absolute, magnolia, peony
Base - agarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, vetivet

Belle Fleur White Orchid Tea home fragrances

White Orchid Tea -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray
Orchid, Peony & Asian Bergamot wrapped in Green Tea Leaves.
Top - bergamot, lemon leaves, white lily, imperial tea leaves
Heart - jasmine, peony, rose, honeysuckle, muguet
Base - amber, musk

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