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Fragrance guide for candles and home collections by Cire Trudon Candles.

Current Scents

Abd el Kader -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray | Stink Bombs
A wind of freedom coming all at once from the Mascara coast and down from the mountains bringing in its foolish race the green scents of fresh mint, the rashness of fights, the hot and peppered air of ginger and the perfume of tea and tobacco from the Ouled Nail tribe...
Notes - Top: spearmint, lemon, blackcurrant bud, apple, ginger, cloves. Middle: jasmin. Base: vanille.

Balmoral -- available in: Scented Candles
After the rain, mist rises from the plains in an earthy haze. Wet ferns, young plants and meadows... Under the green sun, already draining the storm, they surrender their herbaceous vapors to the passing wind.
Notes - Top: foliage, mint, cut grass. Middle: freesia, tea, iris. Base: musk, pine wood, sap.

Carmelite -- available in: Scented Candles
The perfume of old stonewalls, in the shade of cloisters and convents, this scent of fresh and mossy stone tells us about the black and white silhouettes of sisters moving in the silence of ritual mass. Under the light of votives and psalmody, Carmélite refers to the peace of souls and eternity.
Notes - Top: orange, mugwort. Middle: rose, geranium, spices, iris. Base: patchouli, sandalwood, cedar.

Chandernagor -- available in: Scented Candles
Fragrant delight of an ancient Chinese balm, clandestine silks and colorful spices of an Indian harbor opening on to Asia. The white and tawny lure of indigenous herbs enfold hints of camphor in a sweet vertigo.
Notes - Top: mint, camphor, eucalyptus. Middle: clove, ginger, Chinese osmanthus. Base: leather, wood, moss.

Dada -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray
With a touch of tea and vetiver, dressed up with crumpled mint leaves and eucalyptus, this clever scent confuses the mind. Sharp and expansive, it opens us to the magnetic field of the Dada movement, to the artistic dizziness and surrealist experiences.
Notes - Top: eucalyptus, buchu leaves. Middle: tea, mint. Base: camomile.

Empire -- available in: Scented Candles
Pine, sage and hay are vibrating in the air of this Napoleonian camp with hints of cades and maquis. The joyful and indulging warmth of thyme, marjoram and rosemary ring like a fife. A moment of peace right after a battle between dog and wolf. An imperial tent exhaling the perfect scent crowned by the strength of laurel.
Notes - Top: lavender, marjoram, laurel. Middle: thyme, rosemary. Base: juniper, sage, pine, hay.

Ernesto -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray | Stink Bombs
In a hotel of Havana, sizzling under the stubborn sun of the Revolution, fierce overtones of leather and tobacco meddle with resolution the waxy silence of wood. Breaking out of the cool dimness, sly grimaces emerge, framed by the smoke of cigars and the barrels of guns.
Notes - Top: rum, grapefruit, bergamot. Middle: clove, oak wood, patchouli, labdanum. Base: tobacco harmony, moss, leather, amber.

L'Admirable -- available in: Scented Candles
Scent of Eternal Cologne, fair and virginal, left behind by Eugénie and Winterhalter's flower girls. An imperial bee breaks into a dance around the gusty vapors of ruffled citrus fruits and bitter orange.
Notes - Top: bitter orange, lemon, sweet lime (litsea citrata), exotic verbena. Middle: ylang, lily of the valley, orange tree (petigrain), wood. Base: balsamic, vanilla, musk.

La Marquise -- available in: Scented Candles
The cheerful and powdered air of a delicious boudoir: verbena and lemon stimulate the sensuality of the white flowers and the rose. This perfume at once tender and clever, keeps up all the sharpness of Madame de Pompadour's conversations and the voluptuous charms of the Rocaille chic.
Notes - Top: verbena, lemon, citronella. Middle: rose. Base: cedar, rose wood.

Mademoiselle de la Valliere -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray
Secret powers of a naked flower for the love of Louis the XIV, Mademoiselle de La Vallière enveloped herself in the sweet and shattering intensity of tuberoses. Damp fragrance of an intoxicating love: from the King's bedroom to her convent, Louise de la Vallière personified this deeply sensual flower, which plump and overwhelming aromas are that of true, blinding, almost spiritual love.
Notes - Top: bergamot, orange blossom, galbanum . Middle: tuberose, jasmin, ylang. Base: musk, rockrose, benzoin resin.

Manon -- available in: Scented Candles
Happy as a lark, this delicious scent of fresh cupboard and of swilled down tile floors, recall the washing days of George Sand heroes and the Parisian laundry maids. Between stacks of embroidered linen sheets on a lady's festooned bed, lavender and orange spread a smell of lightness and neatness.
Notes - Top: orange, lavender. Middle: fresh linen. Base: musk.

Nazareth -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray | Stink Bombs
Under the unique star, the red fire of clove, cinnamon and orange dances in the mute sacred night. From orient to occident, a pinch of olibanum, offered to the bronze and the ashes of the perfume-burners, secretly enlightens the souls. For its sovereign workers, Cire Trudon dedicate a candle : part of the founds will be given to the organization Terre d'Abeilles for the protection of bees and other pollinator species.
Notes - Top: Ceylon cinnamon, sour orange, grapefruit, mandarin. Middle: orange, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, Chinese osmanthus. Base: musk, bourbon vanilla, benzoin resin, rockrose, myrrh.

Odalisque -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray | Stink Bombs
Enclosed in citrus and wood bark, the orange blossom weaves a painter's dream from which escapes the pale volute of smoke from a narghile. As an orientalist painting, furiously romantic, the vigorous scent of the cade, and solar splinter of citrus fruits, come out as a thin blade in the silky shadow of vanilla.
Notes - Top: lemon, orange. Middle: orange blossom. Base: juniper, vanilla.

Pondichéry -- available in: Scented Candles
Ginger with zests of lemon and vetiver, Pondichery gives out a green and fresh touch where floats the exotic sweetness of patchouli and the warmness of musk. Dreams of Asia with its unforgettable colours, its silks and strange porcelain, this is the trip to Indian and Far-Eastern counters, the new fascination for exoticism.
Notes - Top: orange. Middle: ginger. Base: patchouli, vetiver, musk.

Proléltaire -- available in: Scented Candles
Mornings in bed, the exultant scent of hope and holidays... in the air fly vapors of Spring, fresh and green. The lily sways our hearts toward happy days, and its sweet revenge!
Notes - Top: greenery, lily of the valley. Middle: rose, ylang-ylang. Base: musk.

Roi Soleil -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray | Stink Bombs
Fragrance of the Mirror Gallery and the vast wooden floor of the Château de Versailles, vapours of wax, candelabras and palace. This kingly and solar perfume blends a green and wooded wake of coniferous trees to the sumptuous dizziness of incense with a light ray of citrus.
Notes - Top: green leaves, eucalyptus, orange. Middle: fir bark. Base: cedar, incense.

Spiritus Sancti -- available in: Scented Candles | Room Spray | Stink Bombs
Flickers of crimson, gold and olibanum, holy perfume of altar candles, luxurious wake of censers filled with burning amber : under the nave the choir jubilates, heavenly scents caressing their souls.
Notes - Top: aldehyde, incense vapours. Middle: lily of the valley. Base: labdanum, benzoin resin.

Trianon -- available in: Scented Candles
The picking of jacinth, roses, white flowers, wild herbs from the meadows and graminaceous plants, this bunch of flowers reminds us of an ideal nature, that of the Nouvelle Héloïse and the country life dreams of Marie Antoinette. Vibrating with the memory of a summer evening and the warm scent of musk of torches, this candle is a homage to the Queen of taste who inspired so many candles to Maison de Cire Trudon.
Notes - Top: galbanum, cyclamen. Middle: hyacinth, rose, white flowers. Base: musk.

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Abd el Kader
Abd el Kader
Abd el Kader
Abd el Kader
Abd el Kader
Abd el Kader
Abd el Kader
Abd el Kader

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