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Holiday Candles 2020 by Diptyque is a new scented candle and home fragrance collection. This season's Wonderful Animals Collection scents includes Moonlit Fir with notes of pine, eucalyptus, and peppermnt; Amber Feather a blend of orange, ginger, amber, and cinnamon; and Floral Majesty, a mix of roses, spices, and cinnamon. Launched in November 2020, this new limited edition winter collection is available in scented candles and room spray. The Marvelous Beasts collection was illustrated by artist Ugo Gattoni.

Diptyque Winter Collection

Diptyque Holiday Candles 2020

This Year's holiday collection is unveiled
The winter tale imagined by diptyque and the artist Ugo Gattoni has inspired a limited-edition collection and this year, it is more magical than ever. Three marvelous beasts come to life from the mysterious fountain and set off through the snowy city. A magical night, to enchant the festive spirit!

The Swan spreads its wings, awakening new scents. The Amber Feather candle brings radiance and comfort. Bright orange, cinnamon and ginger are softened by a deep amber harmony.

The Lion rubs his snout on a flowerbed. An armful of rare roses pepped up with spices and fiery cinnamon.

MOONLIT FIR Candle and Room Spray
The Deer mingles its golden antlers with the branches of the large decorated fir tree. Aromas of pine, cool notes of eucalyptus and peppermint.

More Information
A majestic lion, a mysterious swan, a lively and loyal deer: three marvellous animals enchant Paris under the snow. For each marvellous animal, diptyque and artist Ugo Gattoni have partnered to create a new scented candle. Adorned with the emblematic oval of the Maison and elements of Parisian architecture, all three candles have a unique colour and decor. With their limited edition scents, the holiday spirit shines.

diptyqueparis.com (Nov. 2020)

Diptyque Winter Collection candles

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Diptyque Moonlit Fir Candle

Moonlit Fir Candle by Diptyque
Fragrance Notes
Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint

"A lively and loyal deer mingles its golden antlers with fir branches and releases their scent. The Moonlit Fir candle captures the invigorating beauty of an aromatic forest. The essence of Siberian and Canadian fir trees, sparkling under glacial notes of eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint. A woody, aromatic fragrance mingled with scents redolent of fir -- the emblematic tree of the holiday season at the end of the year."

Diptyque Floral Majesty Candle

Floral Majesty Candle by Diptyque
Fragrance Notes
Roses, Spices, Cinnamon

"Rubbing its nose on a bed of roses, a majestic lion releases their scent. A bouquet of rare roses warmed with spices and fiery cinnamon:Floral Majesty is a promise of radiant energy. A bold floral scent, so that joy reigns the season."

Diptyque Amber Feather Candle

Amber Feather Candle by Diptyque
Fragrance Notes
Orange, Ginger, Amber, Cinnamon

"Spreading its wings above a rocky hill, a mysterious swan releases the scent of amber resin. The Amber Feather candle brings radiance and comfort. Luminous orange, cinnamon and ginger vibrate the atmosphere, softened by the most welcoming of amber accords."

The Diptyque Holiday Candles 2020 are available in small candles, $40 for 70g, large candles $78 for 190g, and $120 for 3-piece Gift Set. Moonlit Fir is available in a Room Spray, $45 for 50ml. Shop this holiday collection at Saks Fifth Aveue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, or diptyqueparis.com.

Diptyque Winter Collection home fragrances 2020

Diptyque Winter Collection

Diptyque Limited Edition Winter Collection
It's cold, night falls over Paris. Three wonderful animals come to life on a dormant fountain and set off through the city.
The majestic Lion jostles the roses of the Tuileries Garden, releasing a joyful scent. It's Fleur Majesté, a daring spicy floral bouquet.
The mysterious Swan flies towards the Buttes-Chaumont park. Spreading its wings near an amber resin, it reveals a captivating citrusy amber scent: Ambre Plume.
The deep leaps toward the Place Vendôme. It mingles its golden antlers with the branches of a luxurious Christmas tree, releasing invigorating scents: Sapin de Nuit embodies the festive spirit.
The sun rises! The three marvelous beasts quickly disappear... Exhilarating scents remain throughout the city. This year will be more magical than ever before!

diptyqueparis.com (Nov. 2020)

Diptyque Winter Collection

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