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Eau Dominotée Multi-Use Spray and Rosa Multi Candle by Diptyque - A collaboration with French domino paper designer Antoinette Poisson, this skin and fabric spray includes notes of rose, greens, and a hint of patchouli, while the floral candle features the scent of three breeds of rose, with current, bergamot, geranium, and lychee notes. The fragrance packaging on both the fragrance spray and the scented candle include two exclusive motifs by Poisson. Available in fragrance spray and candles from Nordstrom.

Diptyque Eau Dominotee and Rosa Mundi Candle

Diptyque Eau Dominotee and Rosa Mundi Candle - fragrance info

Fragrance House Diptyque
Introduced January 2017
Scent Classification Floral
Collection Home Fragrance
Fragrance Notes Eau Dominotee - Rose, foliage, patchouli
Rosa Mundi Candle - Damask rose, centifolia, may rose, currant, bergamot, lychee, geranium
Available Products Diptyque Eau Dominotee Multi-Use Spray 6.8 oz / $90
Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle 6.7 oz / $68

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Diptyque Eau Dominotee and Rosa Mundi Candle

"This Valentine's Day, diptyque has partnered with Antoinette Poisson, a creator and restorer of domino paper. In honour of this holiday, Antoinette Poisson has designed two exclusive motifs, one floral and the other geometrical, to decorate the scented objects of this collection." --diptyqueparis.com

Eau Dominotee Multi-Use
A rare eau with many applications, scenting both skin and fabric. Its scent has the natural grace of rose, the freshness of foliage and a slight, almost undetectable trace of patchouli. To scent fabrics, spray the Eau Dominotée at a distance of 20 cm, or use a capful in a load of laundry instead of fabric softener.

Limited Edition Rosa Mundi Candle
This candle offers a pairing of the two most exquisite roses used in perfumery: Damascena, the Damask rose, and Centifolia, the May rose. They are celebrated for the variety and richness of their scents; a story is told as they bloom. In the top note, currant and bergamot provide freshness, the lychee's fruitiness complements their petals, and the geranium enhances their naturalness.

(Source: diptyqueparis.com 03/17)

Diptyque Eau Dominotee and Rosa Mundi Candle - fragrance editorials

Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle
Marie Claire - Feb 2017
Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle

What We Love About February
What you need to do, see, hear, and talk about this month.

There's love in the air - literally. This month DIPTYQUE is launching Rose Mundi, a limited-edition Valentine's Day collection, which includes a candle, a solid perfume, and more. And it looks as good as it smells: The label design comes from French printed-paper maker Antoinette Poisson. (Rose Mundi Candle, $68; diptyqueparis.com)

("First: What We Love About February." Marie Claire Feb. 2017: 20)

Diptyque Eau Dominotee Candle
Marie Claire - Feb 2017
Diptyque Eau Dominoté Fragrance

Zanna Days
This month, it's all about the Bs - Burberry, bras at the Baccarat Hotel, and beauty - for the busy fashion editor.

Stop and drench yourself in roses with Diptyque's limited-edition, multiuse fragrance, Eau Dominotee. DIPTYQUE's latest scent, Eau Dominoté, with notes of rose and patchouli, can be used on skin and fabrics.

(Roberts Rassi, Zanna. "Dispatch: Zanna Days." Marie Claire Feb. 2017: 57)

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