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Holiday Collection by Febreze - The limited edition home fragrance collection from Febreze for the 2016 holiday season includes the same four scents from the Fall 2015 Collection, featuring the new names Fresh Cut Pine, Fresh Fall Pumpkin, Fresh Twist Cranberry, and Fresh Pressed Apple.

Febreze Holiday Collection 2016 Fragrances
Febreze Holiday Collection 2016 Fragrances

Febreze Holiday Collection 2016 - fragrance info

Fragrance House Febreze
Introduced Holiday 2016 - Limited Edition
Scents Fresh Cut Pine | Fresh Fall Pumpkin | Fresh Pressed Apple | Fresh Twist Cranberry
Products Febreze Candles, Wax Melts, NOTICEables, smallSPACES, Air Effects, Fabric Refresher, CAR Vent Clip

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Febreze Holiday Collection 2016

Fresh Pressed Apple (previously names Apple Delish)
Turn the oven off, and get your Fresh Pressed Apple on. Fill your home with the aroma of fresh-baked green apples and berries... and forget about every other holiday baking disaster that's ever occurred. A limited edition holiday scent that freshens AND eliminates odors? It's easy as pie.

Fresh Twist Cranberry (previously Cranberry Cheer)
Make spirits merry and bright with the invigorating freshness of Fresh Twist Cranberry. Your party guests will sniff and smile when you serve up this tartly sweet, odor-eliminating cocktail. So go ahead - add a little extra freshness to your holiday festivities.

Fresh Cut Pine (previously Jolly Pine)
Bring the sparkling freshness of a wintry forest indoors with Fresh Cut Pine. This crisp, invigorating scent is the perfect way to deck the halls (and eliminate odors) throughout the holiday season. You won't have to needle for compliments from your guests - they'll offer 'em up at the door.

Fresh Fall Pumpkin (previously Pumpkin Bliss)
There's nothing basic about the spicy-sweet scent of Fresh Fall Pumpkin. This is one airy fall scent that not only smells amazing - it eliminates odors, too. So, go on: Throw out that latte and get your gourd on.

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