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Spring Collection by Febreze - Limited edition spring seasonal scents from Febreze.

Febreze Srping Collection

Febreze Srping Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Febreze
Introduced Spring 2013
Scents Available Alaskan Springtime
Brillant Spring Blossoms
Kiwiberry Breeze
Summer Fruit Bouquet
White Orchid & Bloom
Collection Spring Collection
Available Products Febreze Air Effects, Candles, Fabric Refresher, NOTICEables, Set & Refresh

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Febreze Alaskan Springtime home fragrances
Alaskan Springtime
"Celebrate the first days of spring with a delicate, watery fresh fragrance with hints of warm amber and sunshine."
Febreze Brilliant Spring Blossoms home fragrances
Brilliant Spring Blossoms
"Discover the heart of spring with this mix of watery melons, effervescent champagne, and sweet violets."
Febreze Kiwiberry Breeze home fragrances
Kiwiberry Breeze
"A light, airy essence of sparkling fruit brings inside bright blue skies and bouncy, fluffy clouds."
Febreze Summer Fruit Bouquet home fragrances
Summer Fruit Bouquet
"This sunny blend of fresh citrus and hibiscus will take you back to your fondest summer memories."
Febreze White Orchid and Bloom home fragrances
White Orchid & Bloom
"Springtime refreshes with sweetness and light. Close your eyes and get carried away by the peaceful elegance of budding new blooms."

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