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Spring Fragrances by Febreze - Three new home fragrances inspired by the freshness of spring. Happy Spring includes notes of strawberry and jasmine. Fresh Sky blends pineapple and white roses. First bloom mixes melon and champagne with vanilla and blossoms.

Febreze Spring Fragrances Fragrances
Febreze Spring Fragrances

Febreze Spring Fragrances - fragrance info

Fragrance House Febreze
Introduced March 2016 - Limited Edition
Scents Firs Bloom | Fresh Sky | Happy Spring
Products Febreze Candles, Wax Melts, NOTICEables, Air Effects, Fabric Refresher, CAR Vent Clip

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Febreze Spring Fragrances

First Bloom
Welcome warmer days with a Limited Edition Candle First Bloom. Eliminate winter's odors with the scent of new blossoms, soft vanilla, and fruity melon. Did we mention notes of shimmering champagne? Okay, good.

Fresh Sky
Rack up those air miles: Treat your nose to the airy freshness of a Limited Edition Fresh Sky Febreze Candle. It eliminates odors with the carefree scent of just-ripe pineapples and white roses. Go on, keep your nose in the clouds.

Happy Spring
Winter's odors got you down? Time to embrace the new season with a Limited Edition Happy Spring Febreze Candle. Its juicy-sweet bursts of strawberry and jasmine will surely keep you smiling all the way to summer.

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