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Winter Collection by Febreze - Winter seasonal scents from Febreze.

Febreze Winter Collection

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Fragrance House Febreze
Introduced Winter 2012
Scents Available Winter Magic & Glow | Cranberries & Frost | Falling Leaves & Spice | Glistening Alpine
Holiday Bloom & Cheer | Pumpkin Harvest & Fall | Sandalwood & Soothe | Cozy Sugar Vanilla
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Febreze Winter Magic and Glow home fragrances
Winter Magic & Glow
"A rush of cool, clean air exhilarates the senses as it rides in from the vast, blue winter sky."
Febreze Cranberries and Frost home fragrances
Cranberries & Frost
"As the wintry freeze creeps in, a delightful berry presence adds a welcome tartness."
Febreze Falling Leaves and Spice home fragrances
Falling Leaves & Spice
"A soothing scent that blends the crispness of cool autumn air with the warmth of spiced cider."
Febreze Glistening Alpine home fragrances
Glistening Alpine
"Brisk mountain air collides with the clean scent of pine to deliver an authentic Alpine experience."
Febreze Holiday Bloom & Cheer home fragrances
Holiday Bloom & Cheer
"A chorus of winter blooms collaborates and harmonizes, inspiring hearts to skip a beat from love and good cheer."
Febreze Pumpkin Harvest and Fall home fragrances
Pumpkin Harvest & Fall
"Warm autumn colors wash over the land, bringing with them a calming aroma of the season's ample harvest."
Febreze Sandalwood and Soothe home fragrances
Sandalwood & Soothe
"Gentle breezes carry the warm, soothing fragrance of sandal trees and relaxing warm amber chai."
Febreze Cozy Sugar Vanilla home fragrances
Cozy Sugar Vanilla
"Cuddle up with this fresh take on vanilla. Sweet cream with just a touch of fruit takes you to crisp breezes and corners of comfort."

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