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Wood, Forest, Ocean Collection by Febreze - This new Febreze Air Effects collection includes nature inspired scents. "Eliminates air odors without masking, leaving nothing behind but a light, fresh scent" using these 100% natural propellant air fresheners. Released in January 2020, this "smells like style" collection is available now.

Febreze Air Effects Nature Scent Collection

Febreze Air Wood, Forest, Ocean Fragrances

Fragrance Notes

Amber, Oud, and Cedar

Bergamot, Aloe Flower, and Musk

Hinoki, Ginger, and Waterlily

The Febreze Air Wood, Forest, Ocean Fragrances are available January 2020 in Air Odor Eliminating Air Freshener, $3.99 for 8.8 oz. at Walmart (Wood) and Target (Forest, Ocean).

Febreze Air Wood, Forest, Ocean Fragrances Ad

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