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Atmosphere Collection by Glade - A new fine fragrance collection of soy candles featuring artisan crafted multi-layered scents in frosted glass jars. The Glade Atmosphere Collection includes four new fragrances: No.1 Enraptured is a blend of jasmine and cedarwood, No.2 Bright showcases sweet pea and pears, No.3 Free mixes exotic coconut with beach woods, and No.4 Tempted fuses golden amber with patchouli. Available in scented candles and scented oil from Target and Walmart.

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Fragrance House Glade
Introduced February 2017
Scents No. 1 Enraptured | No. 2 Bright | No. 3 Free | No. 4 Tempted
Products Scented Soy Candles, Plugins Scented Oil

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Glade Atmosphere Collection

Express who you are in your space with the fine home fragrances of the new Atmosphere Collection™. This line of multi-layered artisanal fragrances is masterfully created and features crafted soy wax candles, allowing you to experience the power of fragrance to the fullest. Each Atmosphere Collection candle is masterfully crafted with multi-layered notes to create a rich fragrance experience. Encased in elegant glass, the candles are crafted of a blend of soy and paraffin waxes with a 30-hour burn time.

New Fragrances

No.1 Enraptured - Jasmine, Cedarwood
A sensorial tangle of jasmine, cedarwood, apples, and rose petals invites you to walk a little further down the path.
Elegant notes of jasmine and rose are given a modern twist with scents of pink lady apple and honeysuckle. A hint of honey lends a sweet surprise over a backdrop of cedarwood and spicy clove bud notes.
Top Notes -- Pink lady apple, honeysuckle
Heart Notes -- Jasmine, honey, rose
Base Notes -- Cedarwood, sheer musk, clove bud
(Color: Green box)

No.2 Bright - Sweet Pea, Pear
Soft, playful layers of sweet pea and sun-warmed pears invite you to defy gravity just because.
A touch of ripe raspberries and orchard fruit notes mingle with jasmine, rose and sweet pea over a pillowy bed of powder musk, sweet tonka bean and sheer blonde woods scents.
Top Notes -- Raspberry, pear, peach
Heart Notes -- Jasmine, sweet pea, rose
Base Notes -- Powder musk, blonde woods, tonka bean
(Color: Pink box)

No.3 Free - Coconut, Beach Woods
Layers of beach woods, starfruit and coconut entice you to dive into your imagination.
Notes of white pineapple, citrus and beachside florals swirl through layers of coconut, beach woods and vanilla bean scents.
Top Notes -- White pineapple, citrus, starfruit
Heart Notes -- Hibiscus, coconut, frangipani
Base Notes -- Beach woods, musk, vanilla bean
(Color: Blue box)

No.4 Tempted - Patchouli, Amber
A velvety kiss of patchouli and amber puts a whisper of intrigue in the air.
The spicy aroma of apple and cinnamon fills the air with a burst of excitement. Hints of warm, exotic spices are kissed with freesia and golden amber. Vanilla orchid notes deepen the captivating blend along with scents of fresh eucalyptus, cedarwood, patchouli and brown sugar.
Top Notes -- Bergamot, eucalyptus, spice
Heart Notes -- Freesia, golden amber, vanilla orchid
Base Notes -- Cedarwood, brown sugar, patchouli
(Color: Orange box)

(Source: glade.com - 02/17)

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