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Fall Collection by Glade - "Make each autumn day a perfect one with crisp and cozy scents. Discover Glade limited edition Fall Collection." --glade.com

Glade Fall Collection 2015 Fragrances

Glade Fall Collection 2015 - fragrance info

Fragrance House Glade
Introduced Fall 2015 - Limited Edition
Scents Apple Tree Picnic | Fall Antiquing | Hit the Road | Pumpkin Pit Stop | Sunset Walk
Products Glade Candles, Wax Melts, PlugIns Scented Oil, Automatic Spray, Room Spray

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Glade Fall Collection 2015

Pumpkin Pit Stop
Treat yourself to slice after slice of pumpkin delicousness with the scents of crystallized caramel and whipped vanilla.
Notes -- golden sun accord, wild berry, meadow grass; orchard blossoms, royal gala apple; sweet cream frosting, crystallized caramel, whipped vanilla

Apple Tree Picnic
Notes of royal gala apple and white woods help you greet sweater weather with an afternoon of apple picking.
Notes -- golden sun accord, wild berry, meadow grass; orchard blossom, royal gala apple; cable knit musk, white woods

Hit The Road
Take the wheel and head down an open, winding road with the reviving scent of fresh air in the passenger seat.
Notes -- fresh air accord, mandarin, herbs; blue rose, petitgrain; oak musk, applewood musk

Fall Antiquing *
Go thrifting for hidden gems with hints of warm sandalwood and creamy vanilla.
Notes -- water fruits, pink grapefruit; coconut, peach, lily of the valley, jasmine; vanilla palm sugar, violet, sandalwood

Sunset Walk *
Lace up your hiking boots and set off into a dazzling, multi-colored forest with scents of chestnut and fall spices.
Notes -- basil; dried friuts; chestnut, fall spices, patchouli, vanilla

* Available at limited retail outlets.

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