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Fall Collection by Glade - "Fall has arrived! Invite the season indoors and draw your family closer together with your favorite handpicked scents from the farmers market." --glade.com

Glade Fall Collection

Glade Fall Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Glade
Introduced Fall 2012
Scents Available Autumn Harvest | Blackberry Jam | Maple Pumpkin | Rosemary Sage
Available Products Glade Candles, Scented Oil Candles, Room Spray, PlugIns

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Glade Autumn Harvest Fall Collection
Autumn Harvest
"With Fall comes the harvest. Autumn Harvest is a wholesome fragrance inspired by Mother Nature. The smooth woody and earthy base will allow you to savor the smoky scent of a chilly Fall day."
Glade Blackberry Jam Fall Collection
Blackberry Jam
"Spread Autumn throughout your home with the scent of Blackberry Jam. Inspired by juicy blackberries handpicked from the farmers market this fragrance is a sweet and mellow treat your family will love."
Glade Maple Pumpkin Fall Collection
Maple Pumpkin
"Summer is over and you deserve a treat. Hints of maple syrup and newly harvested pumpkins are combined to bring you the decadent fragrance of Maple Pumpkin. Your entire home will be filled with the spirit of the season."
Glade Rosemary Sage Fall Collection
Rosemary Sage
"Welcome Autumn into your home with this complex blend of seasonal herbs. Rosemary Sage is a perfect mix of sun-dried sage, rosemary and florals that will invigorate every room of your home for the crisp months ahead."

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