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Fall Fragrance Collection by Glade - A new candle and home fragrance collection inspired by the warm coziness of Fall. This year's limited edition fall fragrances include the aromas of Pumpkin Spice Things Up, where heirloom pumpkin, spices, and caramel mix; Apple Of My Pie, a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and apple; and Fall Night Long, a fusion of crisp fall air and cozy bonfires. Launched in 2020, this fall home fragrance collection is available in scented candles, scented oils, and room sprays.

Glade Fall Fragrances

Glade Limited Edition Fragrances. America's #1 Fall Fragrance Brand"

Glade Fall Fragrances Collection

NEW Glade Fall Fragrances Collection

Glade Pumpkin Spice Things Up Fragrance Collection

Pumpkin Spice Things Up
Ignite the season with notes of heirloom pumpkin, caramel and spices.

Autumn isn't autumn without a delectable pumpkin treat! Spiced Pumpkin is crafted by our master perfumers as the perfect pie is crafted by renowned chefs... with the finest ingredients, skillful blending and a little magic! The magic starts with the creaminess of rich, earthy pumpkin, balanced and blended with essential oils of nutmeg and ginger, for a special boost of fall fantasy.

Spiced Pumpkin is a modern twist on a classic autumn memory. A sweet sugar sparkle brightens up the earthy pumpkin and is blended with sweetened milk and marshmallow. A foundation of spices and graham really make your mouth water. Bring your memories to the table for this warm and yummy, beautifully blended autumn treat.

Top notes - Orange, sparkling ginger, melted caramel
Heart notes - Sweet potato, pumpkin, spices
Base notes - Marshmallow, buttercream, graham cracker

Glade Apple of My Pie Fragrance Collection

Apple Of My Pie
Fill your home with continuous notes of apple, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Slip away and dream of simpler times as the warm, rich aroma of McIntosh apples, mixed berries and apple cider surround you.

The spice of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove mingle with sweet vanilla and cream for a scent as recognizable as a loving call from the back porch. Turns out you can go home again.

Top notes - McIntosh apple, apple cider, mixed berries
Heart notes - Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg
Base notes - Cream, vanilla, applewood

Glade Fall Night Long Fragrance Collection

Fall Night Long
Create a cozy feeling with the scent of crisp fall air and bonfires.

Envelop your home with a crisp and deep aroma of fresh fall air. An intriguing scent, masterfully crafted with sage, thyme and cinnamon. A dash of fruity plum is highlighted with complex tonka and a warm touch of embers, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Top notes - Sage, thyme, cinnamon
Heart notes - Tonka, plum, embers
Base notes - Vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood

The new 2020 limited-edition Glade Fall Fragrance Collection is available at Walmart and Target.

(Source: glade.com, September 2020)

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