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Holiday Collection by Glade - This new home fragrance collection of candles, scented oils, and room sprays features holiday inspired scents. Deep Amber Hills is a blend of black currant, incense, and liquid amber. Icy Evergreen Forest showcases eucalyptus with green spruce and frosty air. Peaceful Rose & Wood fuses rhubarb, rose, and sandalwood. Sparkling Citrus Sunrise mixes lemon with cardamom spice, and ginger. Warm your home for the holidays with these four new limited edition fragrances inspired by Disney's new Frozen II movie in theaters.

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Fragrance House Glade
Introduced October 2019
Scents Deep Amber Hills | Icy Evergreen Forest | Peaceful Rose & Wood | Sparkling Citrus Sunrise
Products Scented Candles, Plugins Scented Oil, Automatic Spray, Room Spray, Wax Melts

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Glade Holiday Collection

New Fragrances

Deep Amber Hills - Black Currant, Incense, & Liquid Amber
Tart blackcurrant creates a beautiful contradiction against elemi oil. A whisper of sweet honeysuckle and clove mingles with mysterious incense and liquid amber.

The contrasting notes of tart black currant blends into elemi oil balanced by notes of sweet honeysuckle and clove on a mystical base of incense and liquid amber.
Top Notes -- Plum, black currant, elemi oil
Heart Notes -- Jasmine, honeysuckle, clove
Base Notes -- Patchouli, incense, liquid amber
(Color: White)

Icy Evergreen Forest - Green Spruce, Frosty Air, & Eucalyptus
A rush of evergreen emotion uplifts you and your senses to a crisp and joyful winter place.

The tree is evergreen, reaching upward to lift the spirits skyward – needles, cones, sap, and branches combine to multi-sensory joy. Authentic, festive, and fresh.
Top Notes -- Green, pine, frosty air
Heart Notes -- Spruce, eucalyptus, fir balsam
Base Notes -- Fresh woods, labdanum, cypress
(Color: Green)

Peaceful Rose & Wood - Rhubarb, Rose, & Sandalwood
The harmonious accords of tart rhubarb and rich cassis mingle with sweet, tender rose, steadied by a warm sandalwood base.

A rich, woven tapestry of scents from around the globe come together as one. Notes of tart rhubarb and rich cassis mix together with tender, loving rose, finished by the scent of an inviting sandalwood base.
Top Notes -- Rhubarb, rose, muguet
Heart Notes -- Raspberry, violet, guaiac wood
Base Notes -- Oak moss, sandalwood, musk
(Color: Pink)

Sparkling Citrus Sunrise - Lemon, Cardamom, & Ginger
A bright citrus opening evokes renewal and new possibility. The spicy heart is alive with the spirit of cardamom and ginger, while a dusting of vanilla sugar closes with a soft, sweet ending.

Bright notes of citrus, followed by peppery cardamom with a sheer touch of ginger. The final notes of addictive sugary vanilla cue relaxation and comfort.
Top Notes -- Lemon, bergamot, lemon peel
Heart Notes -- Cardamom, ginger, clove
Base Notes -- Vanilla bean, sandalwood, musk
(Color: Yellow)

(Source: glade.com - 10/19)

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