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Holiday Fragrance Collection by Glade - A new seasonal home fragrance collection. This year's limited edition winter collection include the scents of Berry Merry & Bright, where red grapes, berries, and cinnamon spice mix; Candy Cane Cheer, a blend of peppermint, vanilla, and steamed milk; Ginger Spice Oh So Nice, a fusion of gingerbread spice, vanilla icing, and caramel; and Pine Wonderland, the perfect pine needle, juniper berry, and mistletoe combination. Launched in November 2020, this festive home fragrance collection is available in scented candles, scented oils, and room sprays.

Glade Holiday Fragrances

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Glade Holiday Fragrances Collection

NEW Glade Holiday Fragrances Collection

Berry Merry & Bright
Welcome the warmth of the holidays with fragrance notes of red Merlot grapes, mixed berries, and cinnamon spice.

Glade Berry Merry & Bright Fragrance Collection

GLADE Merry Berry and Bright
An irresistible blend of sparkling orange, red berries and crisp apple tingles your senses with joy. The heart is built around the festive delight of mulled wine, enhanced with velvety peach & a splash of fizzy champagne. The spicy warmth of cinnamon sticks, clove & a touch of sweet vanilla mingle together in the base, creating the perfect scent for the holiday season.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Sparkling orange, apple, red berries
Heart - Mulled wine, white peach, champagne fizz
Base - Cinnamon sticks, clove bud, vanilla

Glade Berry Merry & Bright scent notes

Candy Cane Cheer
Create a festive mood with fragrance notes of peppermint, vanilla cream, and steamed milk.

Glade Candy Cane Cheer Fragrance Collection

GLADE Candy Cane Cheer
Scrumptiously fun and a tantalizing good time, Sweet Stripes is decadent and whimsical and filled with memories galore. Marrying sweet and sassy, Sweet Stripes artfully blends creamy vanilla essences, layers of caramel, and a hint of coconut with just the perfect amount of sparkling mint. Layered and swirled together with facets of steamed milk and spun sugar, the effect is refreshing, shimmering, and luscious – an iconic symbol of the holidays! Through the careful mingling of sweetness with heavenly essential oils of spearmint and peppermint, our perfumers have created a mouthwatering experience sure to evoke – and create! – many winter memories.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Spearmint, cinnamon, steamed milk
Heart - Coconut shavings, vanilla cream, caramel
Base - Crushed peppermint, nutty accord, spun sugar

Glade Candy Cane Cheer scent notes

Ginger Spice Oh So Nice
Set a sweet and festive mood with fragrance notes of gingerbread, vanilla icing, and caramel.

Glade Ginger Spice Oh So Nice Fragrance Collection

GLADE Ginger Spice Oh So Nice
These are not your standard kiddie cookies. They are distinctively different – yummy and cozy, yet with a sophisticated flair. At their heart, they are gingerbread at its finest, with a magical blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, anise and, of course, ginger! But a slight squeeze of lemon and a dash of coriander gives our cookies a radiant depth of flavor and unforgettable aroma. Our skilled perfumers have created this modern twist on a classic recipe by blending all the expected gourmand goodness with precious essential oils of cinnamon and clove, bright glimmers of citrus oils, and an unexpected spark of coriander... A yummy yet worldly expression of baked holiday goodness for kids from one to 92!

Fragrance Notes
Top - Lemon, butter, caramel
Heart - Spices, gingerbread, coriander seeds
Base - Sweet cream, coconut, molasses

Glade Ginger Spice Oh So Nice scent notes

Pine Wonderland
Tis the season to be piney with fragrance notes of pine needle, juniper berry, and mistletoe.

Glade Pine Wonderland Fragrance Collection

GLADE Pine Wonderland
Feel the energy of the season with an icy boost of aromatic juniper berries, frosted apples and vibrant bergamot. Embrace the wonder of crisp, green pine needles as their aroma fills the winter air with freshness. Warm cinnamon and nutmeg complement the heart with comfort. The warmth of the season is infused with glowing amber, twinkling with fir balsam and beautiful snow covered woods.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Juniper berry, frosted apple, bergamot sparkle
Heart - Pine needle, cinnamon bark, nutmeg
Base - Amber infusion, fir balsam, winter woods

Glade Pine Wonderland scent notes

The new 2020 limited-edition Glade Holiday Home Fragrances are available at Walmart and Target in scented candles, room spray, and scented oils.

(Source: glade.com, Nov. 2020)

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