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Spring Collection by Glade - "A new season calls for a fresh look at fragrance. The Glade Limited Edition Spring Collection brings together scents in ways that are sure to surprise." --glade.com

Glade Spring Collection

Glade Spring Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Glade
Introduced Spring 2012
Scents Available Magic Meadow | Playful Paradise | Polka Dot Petals | Sherbet Sunshine
Available Products Glade Candles, Scented Oil Candles, Room Spray, PlugIns

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Glade Magic Meadow Spring Collection
Magic Meadow
"It's time to liven things up! The revitalizing scent of fresh grass, morning dew, and white jasmine combine in a unique way. You'll find something awakened not just in your home, but in you."
Glade Playful Paradise Spring Collection
Playful Paradise
"It's time to get playful! The scents of ocean mist, orange blossom, and sandalwood will turn your home into a Playful Paradise. It's the perfect way to spring into a new season."
Glade Polka Dot Petals Spring Collection
Polka Dot Petals
"Let cheerful blossoms help get you moving. Drive into the joyful medley of honeysuckle, lily of the valley, and pineapple. Drift off to a peaceful place where freshness thrives."
Glade Sherbet Sunshine Spring Collection
Sherbet Sunshine
"Cool off with a sweet treat in the sun. Sherbet Sunshine is bursting with the scents of creamy vanilla, raspberry, and waffle cone. It's a fun way to bring some sunshine indoors!"

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