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Limited Edition Spring Collection by Glade - "Spring is in the air! Invite the season into your home and embrace all the wonders the new season has to offer with these fresh-picked scents." --glade.com

GLADE Spring Fragrance Collection

Glade Spring Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Glade
Introduced January 2013
Scents Available Spring Collection:
Garden Sunshine | Spring Showers | Starlit Evening | Vibrant Bloom
Available Products Glade Mist, Room Spray, Candles, Oil Candles, Plugins, Fresheners

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Glade Garden Sunshine home fragrances
Garden Sunshine
"It's the sunshine on your shoulders on a perfect spring day. Layered notes of gardenia, freesia and coconut will leave you feeling warm all over."
Glade Spring Showers home fragrances
Spring Showers
"It's breath of fresh, crisp air after a cooling spring rain. The scents of pink grapefruit, fresh rain and sandalwood will leave you feeling refreshed. Available at limited retailers."
Glade Starlit Evening home fragrances
Starlit Evening
"Relish a walk under the stars in the warm evening air. This vibrant blend of green hyacinth, ylang ylang, and cedarwood is simply intoxicating. Available at limited retailers."
Glade Vibrant Bloom home fragrances
Vibrant Bloom
"Experience the joy seeing the first colorful blossoms budding in your garden with this scent. The delicate blend of camellia, gardenia and moss will make any room in your home bloom."

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