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Spring Collection by Glade - A new limited edition spring collection of candles and home fragrances that "unleash your wanderlust" and allow you to "travel to places that can only be experienced through scent." The new spring 2018 collection includes three new scents Blooming Desert Night (sandalwood, amber, jasmine, freesia), Enchanted Floral Gardens (hyacinth, pear) and Volcanic Coconut Cove (coconut water, smoky embers). Available scented candles, scented oil, wax melts, and air freshener from Target and Walmart.

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Fragrance House Glade
Introduced April 2018
Scents Blooming Desert Night | Enchanted Floral Garden | Volcanic Coconut Cove
Products Scented Candles, Wax Melts, Scented Oil, Air Freshener

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Glade Spring Fragrances

Unleash your wanderlust and travel to places that can only be experienced through scent. Glade Limited Edition fragrances.

New Fragrances

Blooming Desert Night - Sandalwood and Amber
A sparkling, cool desert night. An endless starry sky meets a warm blanket of sandalwood and magical amber incense. Embrace the Universe and know that we are all stardust.
A warm base of oriental sandalwood and amber is topped with the delicacy of jasmine and the airiness of soft freesia to evoke a state of pure zen.
Top Notes -- Soft freesia, mandarin, cardamom
Heart Notes -- Jasmine, coffee bean
Base Notes -- Sandalwood, warm amber, vanilla
Available in: Candles, Wax Melts, Plugins Scented Oil, Automatic Spray, Room Spray, Solid Air Freshener (Color: Burnt Orange)

Enchanted Floral Garden - Floral
Step into the hyperreal hothouse. Larger-than-life hyacinth flowers explode into bloom-like exuberant visions among luscious pears. Let the exhilarating scent carry you away.
A bouquet of effervescent florals blooms from the heart of this vibrant fragrance, with a pulse of energy from bright pears and sparkling red fruits at the top that makes for an exhilarating infusion.
Top Notes -- Bright pear, Granny Smith apple, red fruits
Heart Notes -- Hyacinth, gardenias, dewy moss
Base Notes -- Blonde woods, airy musk
Available in: Candles, Wax Melts, Plugins Scented Oil, Automatic Spray, Room Spray (Color: Bright Green)

Volcanic Coconut Cove - Coconut Water and Smoky Embers
Heat rising from wet terra. A mystic ceremony with notes of coconut water and smoky embers. Immerse yourself in a deep-sea volcano that unearths the rich wonder of the hidden world.
Fresh coconut water and sea minerals are warmed with the rich complexity of smoky embers, incense, and milky musk, with a touch of cypress freshness at the top to round out this mesmerizing blend.
Top Notes -- Bergamot, cypress, clove
Heart Notes -- Coconut water, lily of the valley, sea minerals
Base Notes -- Smoky embers, incense, milky musk
Available in: Candles, Wax Melts, Plugins Scented Oil, Automatic Spray, Room Spray (Color: Blue Gray)

(Source: glade.com - 5/18)

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