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Spring Scent Collection by Glade - A new home fragrance collection of candles, scented oils, and room sprays featuring scents inspired by spring. The three new limited edition scents include: Acoustic Sage is a blend of brown sugar, sage, fig and patchouli, Berry Pop showcases lime zest with dewberry and strawberry, and Sultry Amber Rhythm fuses dark rum, black leather, and arctic mint. Available in scented candles, scented oils, and room sprays to give your home a fresh spring scent.

Glade Spring Scent Collection Fragrances

Glade Spring Scent Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Glade
Introduced April 2019
Scents Acoustic Sage | Berry Pop | Sultry Amber Rhythm
Products Scented Candles, Plugins Scented Oil, Automatic Spray, Room Spray, Wax Melts

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Glade Spring Scent Collection

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New Fragrances

Acoustic Sage - Dried Sage, Fig Leaves, Brown Sugar
Rustic. Carefree. Notes of sage and spiced brown sugar dance amongst fig trees to a guitar melody in the warm afternoon sun.

Feel the warmth of a rustic and carefree afternoon as notes of dried sage and oregano harmonize seamlessly with brown sugar. Hints of fig leaves and fresh plum blend to provide a perfectly spiced fruit medley, and the essence of carnation flower and patchouli provide a base layer of natural freshness.
Top Notes -- Sage, fig, oregano
Heart Notes -- Carnation, plum, nutmeg
Base Notes -- Brown sugar, vetiver, patchouli
(Color: Light Green)

Berry Pop - Strawberry, Dewberry, Lime Zest
Playful. Loud. Sing and dance as if no one is watching while vibrant lime zest twirls through notes of dewberries and strawberries.

Dance as if no one’s watching as notes of red berries and vanilla mix perfectly to create a refreshing new rhythm. Hints of dewberry mingle with fresh orange to supply a playful vibe, as lime zest and apricot energize with a sweet and positive energy.
Top Notes -- Apple and lime zest, marine, pink champagne
Heart Notes -- Red berries, dewberry, fruit juice accord
Base Notes -- Apricot, vanilla, sweet cream
(Color: Hot Pink)

Sultry Amber Rhythm - Black Rum, Leather, Mint
Sophisticated. Opulent. The thumping base reverberates against notes of dark rum, arctic mint and black leather.

Get lost in the beat as black rum and amber blend seamlessly with arctic mint and sweet tobacco. Hints of smooth leather and white orchid intertwine to create a rich and complex freshness, as warm cinnamon and clove curate a base that is sophisticatedly spiced.
Top Notes -- Apple, mint, black rum
Heart Notes -- White orchid, clove, cinnamon
Base Notes -- Tobacco, oud, leather
(Color: Dark Gray)

(Source: glade.com - 05/19)

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