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Gold Canyon Fragrance Guide
Fragrance Guide
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Gold Canyon Heritage Candles
Heritage Candles
Candles housed in pretty "Diamond Light" glass jars in a variety of scents and sizes. 30-100+ hrs / $10-23
Gold Canyon Votive Candles
Votive Candles
VoLights candles available in a variety of scents. No votive glass needed. 3-pack - 20 hrs each / $12.50
Gold Canyon Tealights Candles
Tea Light Candles
Tea light candles available in an assortment of favorite scents. 12-pack - 7 hrs each / $12.50
Gold Canyon Scent Pods
Scent Pods
Wickless wax home fragrances for use with the Scent Pod Warmers, lasts up to 20 hrs. $6.50
Gold Canyon Diffuser Fill Fragrance
Diffuser Fill
Fragrance oils refill includes 12 scent sticks and fragrance oil that lasts up to 5 months. 5.8oz / $25
Gold Canyon Home Fragrance Oil
Fragrance Oil
Home fragrance oils for use with the Scentmate ($17) of Oil Warmer Adapter ($6) systems. $10
Gold Canyon Scented Oils
Fragrance oil in a variety of scents for use with Scentric plugin oil warmer. 30 days $10

About Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon home fragrances: Gold Canyon is a direct sales company of candles, wickless candles, bath and home care products, made in the USA. Founded in 1997 by Karen and Curt Walsath in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Gold Canyon - 6205 S. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85248
Tel. 1-866-996-4222 | Website

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