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Fall Candle Collection by HomeWorx - "Fill any room with an amazing blend" of fall scents with this year's amazing collection of autumn inspired fragrances. This fall home fragrance collection will cozy up your indoors with new scented-oil infused candles crafted by master perfumers. Launched in 2020, these gourmand scents from pumpkins to toffee, vanilla to bananas, and crisp fall leaves are available in 18 oz. 4-wick candles at Ulta.

HomeWorx Fall Candles

HomeWorx Fall Candle Collection

The Pumpkin Woods 4 Wick Candle from HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin will fill any room with an amazing blend of pumpkin, cedarwood, sprinkled nutmeg and white cinnamon. These 4 wick candles will deliver the most luxurious fragrance ambiance. HomeWorx masterfully blended oils for a long-lasting fragrance experience. Using a proprietary wax formula to always deliver a perfect burn for 30-55 hours. All candles have lead-free wicks and wick clips.

Ulta.com (August 2020)

HomeWorx Fall Candles fragrances

New Fragrances

Banana Maple Pancakes
Fluffy pancakes, mashed bananas, melted butter and maple drizzle.

Harvest Leaves
Spiced pumpkin, mandarin, cranberry, fir balsam and applewood.

Pumpkin Woods
Pumpkin, cedarwood, sprinkled nutmeg and white cinnamon.

Vanilla Toffee Brittle
Toffee, vanilla bean, caramel and frothed milk.

Returning Favorites

Hot Cider Donut
Harvest apple, cinnamon sugar, vanilla bean, and spiced cider.

Mountain Air
Mountain sage, smoked vetiver, white cedar and clementine zest.

Spun Vanilla Sugar
Spun sugar, whipped cream, sugared lemon and vanilla.

Vanilla Bean Macaron
Vanilla bean, whipped vanilla, brown sugar and amber.

The HomeWorx Fall Candle Collection is available in 4-wick candles, 18 oz., with a burn time of 30-55 hours, and sold at Ulta for $25 each.

(Source: ulta.com, August 2020)

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