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Holiday Candle Collection by HomeWorx - Warm up your home this winter season with these new holiday scents. The new scented candle fragrances crafted by master perfumers, released in October 2020, will include Wild Crimson Currant a lush blend of red currant, rose, apple, and patchouli; Snow Tiped Pine an aromatic mix of pine needles, juniper, birch, and cypress woods; Dutch Apple Pie blends juicy red apples and pie crust with the spices of cinnamon and clove; and seasonal favorites return in the repackaged Sugared Beignets, a French pastry gourmand aroma of cinnamon, sugar, and creamy vanilla. See the full candle scent list below.

HomeWorx Holiday Candles

HomeWorx Holiday Candle Collection

The Wild Crimson Currant 4 Wick Candle from HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin will fill any room with an amazing blend of Red Currants, Turkish Rose Petals, Pink Lady Apple and Patchouli. These 4 wick candles will deliver the most luxurious fragrance ambiance. HomeWorx masterfully blended oils for a long-lasting fragrance experience. Using a proprietary wax formula to always deliver a perfect burn for 30-55 hours. All candles have lead-free wicks and wick clips.

Ulta.com (Oct. 2020)

HomeWorx Holiday Candles fragrances

New Fragrances

Dutch Apple Pie - Red Apple, Cinnamon, Clove, Pie Crust.
Juicy apple nectar is combined with delicious notes of fresh baked pie crust creating a sensory sensation that is delectable and delicious.

Snow Tipped Pine - Pine needles, alpine juniper, white birch and cypress woods.

Sugared Beignets - French pastry, powdered sugar, spun sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. (Repackaged)

Wild Crimson Currant - Red currants, Turkish rose petals, Pink Lady apple, and patchouli.

Returning Favorites

Candy Cane Martini - Sweet peppermint, frozen vanilla and vanilla orchid. (2018)

Frozen Balsam - Fir Balsam, Bergamot, Oak Moss, Evergree
Fresh frozen fir balsam, oak moss and mountain evergreen come together to create the perfect tree fragrance capturing a snowy day. (2018)

Mistletoe Magic - Pine needles, fir balsam, pomelo and black currant. (2018)

Oak & Pomegranate - Pomegranate, Red Currant, Oak Moss and Praline
An exotic blend of English oak and ruby red pomegranate combined with the essence of red currants and oak moss. (2019)

Spiced Vanilla Pumpkin - Pumpkin, Warm Caramel Vanilla Bean, Ginger
A gourmand treat to welcome the season with spiced cardamom, sweet warm caramel, roasted vanilla bean and grated ginger. (2019)

Spun Vanilla Sugar - Spun Sugar, Whipped Cream, Sugared Lemon, Vanilla
Warm vanilla sugar is spun with a touch of delicate caramel and laced with a hint of lemon, elevating this familiar yet sophisticated treat. (2019)

Winter Fireside - Sultry Incense, Smoked Firewood, Rich Clove Buds, Mulled Spices
Warm sultry smoked firewood and roasted clove buds smolder with exotic incense mulled spices creating a warm holiday moment. (2019)

The HomeWorx Holiday Candle Collection is available for $25 each in 4-wick scented candles, 18 oz. in size, with a burn time of 30-55 hours, and sold online at Ulta.com and HomeWorx.shop.

(Source: homeworx.shop, ulta.com, Oct. 2020)

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