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Jo Malone Candles
Candles infuse any room with evocative scent and lasts for hours. Travel candle 18 hour burn time. Home candle 45 hour burn time. Luxury candle 230 hour burn time. 2oz, 7oz, 88oz / $35-$65-$455
Jo Malone Diffusers
Understated. Sleekly designed. These diffusers effortlessly and continuously add an enveloping scent to any space. 5.6 oz / $85
Jo Malone Home Room Spray
Room Spray
A burst of enticing scent. Instantly create an impression with a Scent Surround™ room spray. 5.9oz / $60
About Jo Malone

Jo Malone home fragrances - A British fragrance company founded by Jo Malone in 1994. See our Jo Malone Perfumes page.
Tel. 1-866-305-4706 | www.jomalone.com

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