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Holiday Fragrances by Pacifica - "Holiday magic is in the air! Create magical memories in your own home this season. I love these blends- the way they subtly fill my rooms with color and scent and remind me of my childhood." --pacificaperfume.com

Pacifica Holiday Collection

Pacifica Holiday Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Pacifica
Introduced Winter 2011
Scents Available Crème de Menthe | Marzipan | Roman Frankincense | Russian Fir | Satsuma
Available Products Candles and Diffusers

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Creme de Menthe Pacifica home fragrances
Creme de Menthe
"A chocolate-y take on the peppermint candies of the season, this warm yet sparkling scent will tingle your nose and fill your room with sweetness."
Marzipan Pacifica home fragrances
"Traditional and beloved, the scent of toasted almond will make your mouth water."
Roman Frankincense Pacifica home fragrances
Roman Frankincense
"Resinous frankincense, also known as olibanum, and myrrh are the rich heart of this blend with top notes of sweet Italian mandarin and orange."
Russian Fir Pacifica home fragrances
Russian Fir
"The Russian Fir tree is incredibly fragrant. This blend combines Balsam, Sweet Orange and Juniper to emphasize and brighten the natural notes of the Fir."
Satsuma Pacifica home fragrances
"Remember decorating oranges with cloves and ribbons and hanging them on the tree? This spicy orange scent takes you there in a second - without the work or the mess!"

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