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Parks Candles by Paddywax - Inspired by the National Parks Foundation, with donation going to support them, PARKS is a new scented candle collection from Paddywax. New for August 2020, Olympic national park joins the collection with the notes of Pacific Moss and Mint. This candle line originally debuted in January 2019 and included: Glacier, a blend of White Pine and Hemlock; Grand Canyon, a mix of Cactus Flower and Fern; Great Smoky Mountains, a Maplewood and Moss scent; Yellowstone, where Sagebrush and Fir mix; and Yosemite, blending Cottonwood and Oak. The additon of Acadia, a mix of seagrass and driftwood, was added in November 2019. The clean burning, hand poured, wood wick candles are housed in textured vessels that can be recycled and repurposed as beauty storage or planters. Each candles is $34 for 11 oz.

Paddywax Parks Candles

Step into the American wild with our new collection inspired by our great national parks. These vessels are uniquely textured and finished to represent five of our country's finest landscapes and filled with fragrances you'd experience in the parks. For the first time ever, these candles come with cherry wood dustcovers and crackling wood wicks! Plus, you can light strike-anywhere matches right on the vessel to really bring that campfire feeling home.

Best of all, we are proud to support the National Parks Foundation with a minimum donation of $25,000. Our commitment will help the National Park Foundation protect more than 84 million acres of national parks through conservation and preservation."

Paddywax.com (Aug. 2020)

Paddywax Parks Candles Olympic Pacific and Moss

New Parks Candles

Olympic - Pacific + Moss
Inspired by Washington's Olympic National Park, this scented candle includes aromatic notes of eucalyptus, geranium, and moss for an fresh green scent that will instantly transport you to the Pacific Northwest.
Top Notes - Ozone, eucalyptus, mint, green
Heart Notes - Geranium, peony, violet
Base Notes - Amber, patchouli, moss, sandalwood

Paddywax Parks Candles Olympic

Paddywax Parks Candles Collection

Acadia - Seagrass + Driftwood
Inspired by Acadia National Park on Maine's Mount Desert Island along the Atlantic coast, this candle includes scent notes of citrus, sage, driftwood, and cedar.
Top Notes - Bergamot ozone, citrus musk, tart lime, juicy mandarin
Heart Notes - Blue coral, sapphire waters, sage, jasmine, neroli blossom
Base Notes - Driftwood, cedar, guaiac wood, gurjun balsam, bay leaf

Paddywax Seagrass + Driftwood Candles Acadia

Glacier - White Pine + Hemlock
Notes of eucalyptus, silver spruce, and smoked cedar give this candle a woody aroma; we work with perfumers to source nature's finest ingredients, creating high-quality, candles that tell a special fragrance story to fit your mood.
Top Notes - Eucalyptus, spearmint, fresh ozone, pine needles
Heart Notes - Suede, silver spruce, white leather, patchouli
Base Notes - Smoked Cedar, fir embers, spiced balsam

Grand Canyon - Cactus Flower + Fern
Notes of bergamot, cactus flower, and bamboo sweet lend to this candle's sweet aroma.
Top Notes - Bergamot, dewy pear, apple blossom, coconut water
Heart Notes - Cactus flower, gardenia, white peony, aloe vera
Base Notes - Matcha tea, muguet, vanilla bean, bamboo

Great Smoky Mountains - Maplewood + Moss
Notes of muguet, smoked wood, and amber give this candle a woody aroma.
Top Notes - Muguet, cantaloupe, tobacco flower
Heart Notes - Vanilla, smoked wood, coumarin
Base Notes - Opopanax, amber, sandalwood

Yellowstone - Sagebrush + Fir
Notes of pomelo peel, sequoia needles, and forest moss lend to this candle's fresh aroma.
Top Notes - Fresh mountain air accord, iced citron, pomelo peel
Heart Notes - Monterey pine notes, sequoia needles, red geranium
Base Notes - Forest moss, red cedarwood, ebonywood

Yosemite - Cottonwood + Oak
Notes of African ginger, cinnamon bark, and cedar give this candle a woody aroma.
Top Notes - African ginger, lemon zest, bergamot, crushed black pepper
Heart Notes - Elemi resin, clove leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, fresh nutmeg
Base Notes - Tamboti wood, blackwood, cedar, sandalwood, dark teakwood

(Source: paddywax.com, August 2020)

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