Fragrance guide for Renuzit

Fragrance guide for candles and home collections by Renuzit.

Archived Fragrance List (Last Updated 09/2015)

Aromatherapy Collection

Mood-creating Aromatherapy scents are infused with essential oil and all at an accessible price. Experiment with different moods in different parts of your home.

Happy -- This lively blend of sparkly juicy citrus and tantalizing florals brings a happy celebration to every room in your home.

Serenity -- Transform your room into a relaxing space with the calming scent of lavender and soothing botanical florals.

Tranquil -- Crisp ozone and watery melon notes combine with lily and jasmine to create the clean, dewy essence of a spring day.

Exotic Escapes Collection

Invite the sun-drenched scent of the tropics, the fragrance of exotic wonders, or the cool, calming aroma of the sea into your home. This collection will spark memories from your favorite escapes.

Hawaiian Oasis -- Hawaii. Its name evokes natural beauty, flowers in every color – and fragrances that awaken your senses. It is, in a word, paradise. Bring the islands to your home, letting you relax and enjoy the splendor of your living room or bedroom.

Tahitian Breeze -- Escape to a place of warm and gentle breezes when you breathe in a wonderful blend of exotic tropical florals. This scent is the perfect complement to your master bedroom or bath.

Fresh Picked Collection

Prepare to transform the rooms in your home into a fragrant orchard. This collection is made of the captivating scents of fruit picked fresh off a tree.

Apple & Cinnamon -- Fresh apples picked at their peak. Infused with the warm spice of cinnamon. This delicious blend brings the crisp, cool orchard scent into your home. It's the perfect complement to rich, weathered wood finishes and finely crafted home accents.

Purely Peach -- There's nothing quite like biting into a sweet, juicy peach - it's like taking a bite out of summer. This scent captures that flavor, bringing the orchard inside your home or office. It's clean, light, and refreshing. Pair the aroma with beautiful peach walls or off-white woods to provide a summer glow to your home.

Raspberry -- Wild. Delicious. And thoroughly refreshing. That's the scent of sun-ripened, fresh raspberries filling any room in your home. Your bathroom, mudroom or garage can be transformed into a field of ripened raspberries - so clean and crisp. It's like inviting the summer sun into your home.

Sun Kissed Berries -- Sun Kissed Berries fragrance is a delicious burst of fresh berries with a hint of sweet cherry.

Seasonal Limited Edition Collection

Our limited edition collection highlights the finest fragrances of the season. Try our specially selected spring scents now.

Pumpkin Patch -- With a mix of orange, ginger and nutmeg oils, Pumpkin Patch fills any room of your home with the sensational feeling of Fall.

Spiced Cider -- There's nothing quite like the taste of apple and cinnamon to welcome the Fall weather. This scent captures that flavor, bringing the aroma of the season straight into your kitchen or family room.

Serenity Collection

Your home is your sanctuary, a place to calm your mind and renew your body. This collection fills your rooms with scents that let you relax, unwind, and forget the world outside.

Relaxing Spa -- Your home is your private getaway from the world outside. This scent helps make it a spa, with soothing aroma that fills your house and your senses, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Use it in your master bath for a true spa experience, or throughout your home to soothe guests.

Sapphire Waters -- Only the clearest blue water can be called Sapphire, with its cool blue tones rushing against snow-white sand. This fragrance captures the clean scent of this sparkling water, transforming your home - and your mood - into a relaxing escape that feels miles away. It complements the Mediterranean vibe of your home décor - or the coastal cottage feel of your space.

Simply Refreshed Collection

Invigorate your mind and awaken your soul, with a splash of energizing fragrances. These scents are the perfect pick-me-up for any room needing a refreshing lift.

After the Rain -- Ever head outdoors after a cool rain shower? Or opened the windows wide and let in the cool breeze? This scent captures this fresh, unique scent. Rain-touched florals and sparkling citrus work together to create a tranquil retreat in your home.

Cotton Breeze -- Cotton Breeze fragrance captures the earthiness of outdoor drying, the sweet natural scent created by a sunny day. Bring this renewing, refreshing feeling into your living room.

Fresh Lavender -- Lavender is known the world over for its calming effects and gentle, soothing nature. And the scent? Modern. Relaxing. And absolutely lovely. Breathe it in before bedtime, or before a long warm bath, to shield you from the outside world. Fresh Lavender will help turn your home into a peaceful and tranquil haven.

Hawaiian Sunset -- The magical landscape of a Hawaiian fragrance awaits you. Tropical florals blend peacefully with the sea and the setting sun. It's the fragrance of tranquility, turning your bedroom or living room into a paradise all your own.

Lavender & Vanilla -- The gentle, soothing scent of Lavender and the warm, comforting scent of Vanilla combine to make this always inviting scent. The perfect scent to fill your bedroom, or any room in your home that is your tranquil haven.

Orchid Petals -- Dreamy. Heavenly. Unique. The highly fragrant petals of an orchid are not only beautiful - but also intoxicating. You'll drink in the exotic scent, imagining the orchids translucently gracing your entryway, living room, bedroom, or bath.

Simply Vanilla -- Everyone loves to come home to the classic scent of vanilla. Warm. Comforting. Always inviting. It will make your home feel cozy and charming, regardless of size. It's the perfect scent to fill your bedroom, living room or any room in your home that is your sanctuary.

Sparkling Rain -- Bring the crisp, clean scent of fresh rain with hints of melon, pear and water lily into your home.

Super Odor Killer Collection

Strong odors require a serious approach to odor elimination. This collection tackles the toughest odors, neutralizing the smell and leaving any room in your home with a clean, fresh fragrance.

Anti-Allergen -- Behind the crisp, clean scent is a hard-working anti-allergen spray ready to tackle airborne allergens caused by pollen and cat dander. It's proven to reduce these allergens and leave your home smelling fresh. Use it in every room in your home.

Citrus Sunburst -- Oranges. Lemons. Limes. Scents so powerful and fragrant, you can easily imagine yourself sitting in the warm sun with each one. A summer captured in a fragrance, lifting your mood and leaving you feeling in harmony. It's the perfect accent for the crisp, clean lines of a modern kitchen - or the rustic, farm-style one.

Pure Breeze -- The freshness of a crisp breeze. The sensation of the outside. This vibrant blend of scents refreshes your soul and renews your senses. Use it in your entryway to greet friends and family, or in your bedroom to begin your day. It will go perfectly with the cool ambiance of your contemporary home.

Super Odor Killer -- Sometimes it's not about the scent you want for your home - but the odor you don't want. Pets. Smoke trapped in fabrics or in your carpet. These tough odors don't need to be masked - they need to be eliminated. This fragrance gets rid of tough odors for good, clearing the air in your home and leaving behind a crisp, fresh smell.

Wonderpet -- This scent takes care of pet odors and leaves behind a fresh, crisp citrus fragrance. It's the perfect aroma to fill your pet-friendly home.

Vibrante Collection

Bring any room in your home to life with the captivating scent of rich lavender, delicate jasmine or succulent pineapple.

Alluring Lavender -- Alluring Lavender captivates your senses with its lovely bouquet of rich lavender, fresh green leaves and delicate jasmine.

Seductive Pineapple -- Juicy melon, succulent pineapple with a sweet kiss of coconut and vanilla brings this vibrant, tropical fragrance to life.

Archived Fragrance List (Last Updated 10/2012)

After the Rain -- available in: Adjustables | Electric Gel | Pearl Scents | Scented Oil | Car Renew | Neutralizer
Freshen your home with the scent of rain-touched florals and sparkling citrus.

Anti-Allergen - Fresh Scent -- available in: Super Odor Neutralizer
Reduce airborne allergens caused by pollen and cat dander.

Amber Vanilla -- available in: Crystal Elements
Create a soothing atmosphere in your home with the warm and comforting aroma of vanilla.

Apple & Cinnamon -- available in: Adjustables | Electric Gel | Scented Oil
Make your home a little more cozy for the holidays with the scent of fresh apples and a touch of spicy cinnamon.

Caribbean Cooler -- available in: Electric Gel
An invigorating breeze of Tropical Fruit.

Citrus Sunburst -- available in: Adjustables | Super Odor Neutralizer
Renew your home with the scent of fresh-squeezed citrus.

Creamy Vanilla -- available in: Scented Oil
Create that "Welcome Home" feeling with the inviting aroma of rich vanilla.

Dream Garden -- available in: Scented Oil
Lush florals and vibrant blossoms perfume the air.

Emerald Rainforest -- available in: Crystal Elements
Rejuvenate your spirits with the fresh aromas of a lush rainforest.

Fresh Lavender -- available in: Adjustables | Pearl Scents
Lush lavender florals and vibrant blossoms will renew the air in your home.

Hawaiian Sunset -- available in: Scented Oil | Car Renew
Tropical florals mellowed by the setting sun.

Orchid Petals -- available in: Adjustables
Renew your home with the romantic sweetness of a beautiful spring day.

Pure Breeze -- available in: Adjustables | Pearl Scents | Scented Oil | Car Renew | Neutralizer
Renew your senses with the freshness of a crisp breeze.

Paradise Breeze -- available in: Adjustables
An invigorating breeze of Tropical Fruit.

Raspberry -- available in: Adjustables
Freshen your home with the aroma of freshly picked raspberries.

Relaxing Spa -- available in: Adjustables
Give your home the relaxing ambiance of a spa with clean aromatic essences.

Ruby Berries -- available in: Crystal Elements
Freshen your home with the sweet scents of delicious red berries.

Sapphire Waters -- available in: Adjustables | Crystal Elements
Reinvigorate your atmosphere with the purifying scent of sparkling crystal blue waters.

Simply Vanilla -- available in: Adjustables | Electric Gel
Create that "Welcome Home" feeling with the inviting aroma of rich vanilla.

Sunny Laundry -- available in: Adjustables
A comforting, soft fragrance like clean sheets fresh off the clothesline.

Super Odor Killer -- available in: Adjustables
Your home will smell sparkling clean with the fresh scents of citrus and mint.

Tropical Waters -- available in: Adjustables
Transport yourself to a Tropical island with exotic fruits and sweet melons.

White Peony -- available in: Adjustables
The sweet scent of nature's most extravagant flower.

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