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Spring Fragrances by Renuzit - "Spring is in the air and Renuzit brand has two new scents that enhance your room with the fragrances of fresh flowers and fruit. Melon & Starfruit scent brings a refreshing lift to any room in your home while Cherry Blossom recalls the first days of Spring." --renuzit.com

Renuzit Spring Collection

Renuzit Spring Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Renuzit
Introduced Spring 2013
Scents Available Cherry Blossom | Melon & Starfruit | Beach Breezes | Mandarin Lemonade
Available Products Renuzit Adjustable Cone, Pearl Scents, Fresh Accents

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Home Fragrance Scents

Renuzit Cherry Blossom home fragrances
Cherry Blossom
"Take a walk under the Cherry Blossoms - right inside your home. This scent captures this delicate flower, with its sweet, intoxicating fragrance. Use it in your entryway, living room, bedroom - even in a child's playroom."
Renuzit Melon Starfruit home fragrances
Melon & Starfruit
"Melon & Starfruit fragrance will fill your room with the exotic fragrance of summer fruit in season."
Renuzit Beach Breezes home fragrances
Beach Breezes
"Beach Breezes fragance will remind you of the sun, sand and fun with tropical and citrus scents that are sure to whisk you away to an island escape!"
Renuzit Mandarin Lemonade home fragrances
Mandarin Lemonade
Scent of fresh citrus.

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