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Soap by Saipua - "Saipua has been making olive oil based soap since 1999...and flowers since 2004. We are a small family owned business located in Brooklyn. Our soaps are carefully crafted in small batches using food-grade vegetable oils, butters, herbs and extracts. Each bar is hand cut, air dried and cured in our workshop. Dedicated to small business, we continue to produce soaps in small batches to assure quality and sustainability. Saipua products are currently sold in small boutiques across the US and in our own shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn." --saipua.com

Saipua Hand Cut Soap

Saipua Hand Cut Soap - fragrance info

Fragrance House Saipua
Introduced 1999
Size 4 oz. / $10
Available Scents Basil | Cedarwood | Clary Sage | Coffee Mint | Gardener's | Lavender Oatmeal | Lemon Geranium | Mango Butter | Peppermint Pumica | Rose Geranium | Saltwater | Vetiver | White Grapefruit

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Home Fragrance Scents

Basil -- Our new Basil soap is scented with straight Hungarian pressed basil and sweetened with a bit of lime oil. The scent is deeply herbal; a bit on the masculine side.

Cedarwood -- A musky fragrance based largely in notes of cedar and rosewood.

Clary Sage -- Our Clary Sage is strangely intoxicating; the scent is bright but earthy with base notes of patchouli and the last minute addition of dill weed.

Coffee Mint -- Hand soap for the cook or gardener, this bar is made with brewed coffee, coffee grounds and peppermint essential oil.

Gardener's -- This rosemary-mint hand soap was designed for gardeners. The cornmeal is tough on dirt, while the addition of shea butter replenishes moisture in dry hands.

Lavender Oatmeal -- A simple, traditional combination. This is our oldest and best soap.

Lemon Geranium -- Bright citrus and herbal; this gentle soap is blended with geranium, lemon, lime, litsea and rosemary essential oils.

Mango Butter -- Mango butter, silk protein, sweet almond oil and shea butter make for an intensely rich soap that produces a creamy fine lather.

Peppermint Pumica -- Made with a blend of peppermint and tea tree essential oils, this bar exfoliates and refreshes tired feet.

Rose Geranium -- Our original olive oil soap scented with our custom rose geranium essential oil blend.

Saltwater -- A gentle body or hand soap with nori seaweed and crushed sea salt. Scented with rosemary and patchouli essential oils.

Sauna Soap - 8 oz. only, $12.00 -- Modeled after a traditional Finnish sauna bar, this 8oz. bar is scented with essential oils of vetiver and birch making for a strong wood smoke scent.

Vetiver -- A scent blend that focuses on vetiver, an intoxicatingly rich essential oil reminiscent of wood smoke and amber. Blended with a bit of lime oil.

White Grapefruit -- A light essential oil blend with litsea and bergamont.

Winter Citrus -- (Discontinued) Winter citrus is a blend of blood orange, lavender and fir needle. Orange peel adds the slightest texture.

Saipua Hand Cut Soap - fragrance editorials

Better Homes and Gardens - April 2011
Saipua Hand Cut Soap

Bar Tender - After a hard day's gardening, Saipua soaps bring tired hands back to mint condition. $8 each; saipua.com/shop.
(Prinzing, Debra. "Garden Trends." Better Homes and Gardens Apr. 2011: 40)

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