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Spa of the World Candle Collection by The Body Shop - A limited edition trio of candles from the Spa of the World collection. The new relaxing scents include Dead Sea Salt, Japanese Camellia, and Hawaiian Kukui scented candles. Dead Sea Salt is a floral aquatic scent with notes of crisp sea air, marine notes, and salty florals. Japanese Camellia is a musky floral fragrance featuring the camellia flower. Hawaiian Kukui is a fruity floral scent with a solar accord and kukui nut aroma. All three fragrances are available in paraffin-free natural wax scented candles from The Body Shop.

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Fragrance House The Body Shop
Introduced October 2016
Scents Dead Sea Salt | Hawaiian Kukui | Japanese Camellia
Products Scented Candles 7 oz / $24

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SCENTED CANDLES - "Set the scene with a beautiful scented candle inspired by nature from The Body Shop. All our scented candles are paraben free and feature an unbleached cotton wick with a luxury blend of essential oils for long lasting fragrance." --thebodyshop-usa.com

New Fragrances

Japanese Camellia Candle - Our relaxing Spa of the World™ Japanese Camellia Candle is a natural wax, parrafin-free candle with a delicate, musky floral scent. Since the 8th century, Japanese women have used camellia flower for its relaxing and delicate fragrance. This flower's exquisite and pure scent allows mind and body to reconnect with a moment of profound peace. This candle is part of our relaxing ritual.

Dead Sea Salt Candle - Our revitalizing Spa of the World™ Dead Sea Salt Candle is a natural wax, parraffin-free candle with an aquatic, salty floral scent. Inspired by an invigorating dive in the Dead Sea waters, this fresh-scented candle captures the pure and crisp scent of the sea. The salt flower and marine notes combine to awaken the mind. This candle is part of our Revitalizing ritual.

Hawaiian Kukui Candle - Our blissful Spa of the World™ Hawaiian Kukui Candle is a natural wax, paraffin-free candle with solar, fruity, floral scent. Found on the golden beaches of Hawaii, the kukui nut absorbs the radiance of the sun's rays. The warm and solar accords of this scented candle evoke the exoticism and escapism of this island. This candle is part of our blissful ritual.

(Source: thebodyshop-usa.com - 11/16)

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