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Eco-Luxe Candle Collection by Vie Luxe, Marjorie Bubelmann - "Vie Luxe's Eco-Luxe Collection was inspired by a commitment to the environment - it's a luxury candle line with a conscience. A lush blend of natural soy wax and fragrance oils, each Eco-Luxe candle is finished with a cotton wick to produce a clean-burning, long-lasting, exquisitely fragrant candle. All components of the Eco-Luxe Collection are recycled, recyclable and/ or biodegradable." --vieluxenyc.com

Vie Luxe Eco-Luxe Collection

Vie Luxe Eco-Luxe Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Vie Luxe
Introduced 2010
Scents Available Eco-Luxe Collection: Blanc | Bleu | Verte
Available Products Vie Luxe Eco-Luxe Collection - Candle 8 oz. ($30)
4" x 3.5", up to 50 hour burn time, natural botanical wax, cotton wick

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Home Fragrance Scents

Blanc Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
White Amber, Stephanotis & Tonka Bean.
Bleu Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
Citron, Neroli & Lily of the Valley.
Verte Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
Hyacinth, Narcissus & Green Leaves.

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