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Voyage Candle Collection by Vie Luxe, Marjorie Bubelmann - "Vie Luxe's Voyage Collection was created by Marjorie Gubelmann and based upon her favorite travel destinations. Each scent is a nod to a treasured memory or exotic escape. These candles feature the finest and most luxurious components, from their signature nickel-plated glass to their distinctly sophisticated packaging. Each candle is a skillful blend of all-natural, botanical waxes and fragrance oils developed by the world's top fragrance houses." --vieluxenyc.com

Vie Luxe Voyage Collection

Vie Luxe Voyage Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Vie Luxe
Introduced 2004
Scents Available Buenos Aires | Carpi | Cote d'Azur | Istanbul | Maldives | Palm Beach | Sardinia | St. Barth's | St. Moritz | Tuileries
Available Products Voyage Collection - Votive Trio 1.5 oz. each / $42, Candle 8 oz. / $48, 3-Wick Candle 19.5 oz. / $80

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Buenes Aires Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
Buenes Aires
"Wild jasmine flowers, exotic ceibo petals, ombu leaves & white pepper." (2006)
Capri Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
"Italian bergamot, fresh lemon blossoms, rich cypress & citrus zest." (2004)
Palm Beach Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
Palm Beach
"Night blooming jasmine, frangipani, orange blossom, & ylang ylang." (2004)
St. Barth's Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
St. Barth's
"Oceanic nuances blended with black currant, green palm & white jasmine." (2008)
Cote d'Azur Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
Côte d'Azur
"White lily, water hyacinth, freesia, pink rose & french verbena." (2005)
Istanbul Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
"Exotic Turkish tea, amber, blue iris & black orchid." (2007)
Maldives Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
"Delicate heliotrope, ceylon teas & lush green palm leaves." (2004)
St. Moritz Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
St. Moritz
"Bitter orange peel, Moroccan Clove & Mulling Spices." (2004)
Sardinia Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
"White Gardenia, Karo Karounde Blossoms, Crisp Amaryllis & Mediterranean Cypress Leaves." (2009)
Tuileries Vie Luxe Candles home fragrances
"White tuberose, rare jasmine, lavender buds & geranium petals." (2004)
Vie Luxe Voyage Collection - fragrance editorials

Vie Luxe Candles - InStyle Oct 2011
InStyle - Oct 2011
Vie Luxe Voyage Collection

Super Stylish
We tracked down 10 top tastemakers and coaxed them into sharing the guiding philosophies of their exquisite taste and the sources behind their impeccable style -- from jeans to jewels, plus all the genius beauty tricks they just can't live without (and think you shouldn't either).

Prabal Gurung (Fashion designer)
My Favorite Candle -- "Vie Luxe."
Vie Luxe St. Moritz scented candle, $50; saksfifthavenue.com.

(Wexler, Sarah Z. "Inside the Files of the Super Stylish." InStyle Oct. 2011: 227)

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