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Bonfire Nights Collection by Yankee Candle - Cozy up with this fall inspired home fragrance collection. This harvest candle collection includes scents of Crisp Camping Apples with notes of apples, cinnamon, and blond wood; Autumn Embers a blend of firewood, nutmeg, cedar, and apple; Whipped Pumpkin Spice a mix of sweet maple, pumpkin, butterscotch, and vanilla; Warm and Cozy with notes of cedar, eucalyptus, and cashmere; A Night Under the Stars mixed leather, rose, and driftwood; and Pecan Pie Bites is a blend of toasted pecans, hazelnut, and honey. Launched in July 2020, this fall collection is available in assorted sized candles and other fine home fragrances.

Yankee Candle Bonfire Nights Collection

Bonfire Nights Collection

NEW FALL CANDLES - A Harvest of Fragrance
Celebrate the cozy fragrances of fall with the NEW Bonfire Nights Collection.

YankeeCandle.com (July 2020)

Whipped Pumpkin Spice - Sweet & Spicy
A warm treat to sip and savor with friends - creamy milk blended with pumpkin and spices and sweetened with maple.
Top - Milk, pumpkin purée, butterscotch
Heart - Maple syrup, nutmeg
Base - Whipped vanilla, coconut milk

Autumn Embers - Woody
The crackling embers of a bonfire bring fall's favorite scents - apple, spice, and a touch of smoky firewood.
Top - Apple, nutmeg
Heart - Firewood embers
Base - Cedar, oud, sandalwood

Crisp Campfire Apples - Fruity
Freshly picked apples cooking over the fire in the crisp night air.
Top - Apple, clove, mandarin leaf
Heart - Cinnamon stick, oak leaves
Base - Tonka, blonde woods

Warm and Cozy - Woody
A beautiful bonfire night ends wrapped up in a soft blanket as you breathe in crisp, fresh notes of cedar, cashmere, and eucalyptus.
Top - Balsam, peppermint, eucalyptus
Heart - Cashmere, cedarwood, golden amber
Base - Patchouli, lit firewood, musk

Pecan Pie Bites - Sweet & Spicy
Miniature pastries, just right for sharing, with a sweetly spiced filling that's loaded with toasted pecans.
Top - Cinnamon leaf, burnt sugar, raw honey
Heart - White hazelnut, pecan, dark chocolate
Base - Clove, oak wood, smoked cedar

A Night Under the Stars - Fresh & Clean
A woody, spicy fragrance that sparkles with a constellation of rose, leather, and driftwood.
Top - Leather, spice, driftwood
Heart - Clove, saffron, rose
Base - Frankincense, patchouli, cedarwood

The Yankee Candle Bonfire Nights Collection is available in original jar candles, tumbler candles, pillar candles, gel tins, wax melt cups, scented oil refills, and room sprays ($5.50 - $29.50).

Yankee Candle Bonfire Nights Collection fragrances

Fall Candle Favorites

Apple Pumpkin - Sweet & Spicy
Cultivated with care...home-grown apples and pumpkins blended with ginger and clove.
Top - Apple, yellow fruits, orange, fresh greens, butter
Heart - Baked pumpkin, red fruit, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, fresh ginger
Base - Vanilla, caramelized sugar, baked pie crust, cream, musk

Spiced Pumpkin - Sweet & Spicy
Pumpkins baked in simmering spices of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, and sweetened with brown sugar.
Top - Citrus, orange, nutmeg, spiced pumpkin
Heart - Cinnamon, clove
Base - Vanilla, baked notes

Harvet - Sweet & Spicy
A blend of cinnamon, cloves, and musk with a hint of sweet apples and pumpkin.
Top - Red hot cinnamon
Heart - Cinnamon leaf
Base - Vanilla, musk

Honeycrisp Apple Cider - Fruity
A scent that revives and relaxes - fresh Honeycrisp cider warming up a glass.
Top - Honeycrisp apple
Heart - Apple cider, honey
Base - Musk

Yankee Candle Fall Fragrances

The Yankee Candle Fall Fragrances are available in original jar candles, tumbler candles, pillar candles, votives, gel tins, wax melt cups, ScentPlug refills, room sprays, fragrance reeds, fragrance spheres, and car scents ($2.00 - $29.50).

New Fall Candles

Toasted Pumpkin Treats
A super-sized s'more, stuffed with pumpkin pie and drizzled with caramel - a gooey treat for eating outside by the fire.
Top - Toasted marshmallow, sweet cinnamon
Heart - Melted chocolate, graham cracker, pumpkin spice
Base - Creamy vanilla, malt, clove

Fallen Leaves
A welcoming fragrance of tobacco flower, citrus, and amber - like an autumn stroll through fallen leaves.
Top - Bergamot, pinecode, spice
Heart - Tobacco flower, chrysanthemum, suede
Base - Sandalwood, musk, amber

Sparkling Fireflies
Twinkling notes of bright citrus and berry, woven through sun-warmed woods…enchanting and uplifting.
Top - Lemon, lime, grapefruit
Heart - Blackberry, raspberry
Base - Balsam fir, creamy woods, vanilla

Yankee Candle Fall Candles

The new fall inspired candles collection by Yankee Candle are available in original jar candles, tumbler candles, and votives ($2.00 - $29.50).

(Source: yankeecandle.com, July 2020)

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