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New Spring Fragrances by Yankee Candle - A collection of fresh home fragrance inspired by the season of renewal. Ten new spring scents include A Calm & Quiet Place (jasmine, patchouli, amber), Color Me Happy (mango, peach, vanilla), Early Spring Bloom (poppy, cherry blossom), Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt (orange, grapefruit, sea salt), Life's A Breeze (sea air, oakmoss), Peaches & Cream (sweet cream, peach), Rainbow Cookie (vanilla frosting, citrus, peach), Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose (apricot roses, orange apricot), Sweet Nothings (lotus, powdery musk), Wildflower Blooms (daisy, peony, magnolia). Available now in classic jar candles, tumbler candles, tea light candles, tarts wax melts, easy meltcups, and votive candles.

Yankee Candle New Spring Fragrances Fragrances

Yankee Candle New Spring Fragrances - fragrance info

Fragrance House Yankee Candle
Introduced Spring 2018
Scents A Calm & Quiet Place | Color Me Happy | Early Spring Bloom | Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt |
Life's A Breeze | Peaches & Cream | Rainbow Cookie | Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose |
Sweet Nothings | Wildflower Blooms
Products Yankee Candle - Scented Candles / $29.50 - $1.99

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Yankee Candle New Spring Fragrances

New Fragrances

A Calm & Quiet Place - Candles - Light Blue Gray
A centered fragrance - balanced with gentle jasmine, a whisper of patchouli, and warm amber musk.
Top Notes - Mandarin leaf | Mid Notes - Jasmine, cedarwood | Base Notes - Patchouli, sandalwood, amber musk

Color Me Happy - Candles - Yellow
Filled with lush mango and bright tropical sunlight, then sweetened with peach and a smile of vanilla.
Top - Tropical mango, peach | Mid - Mango blossom | Base - Vanilla

Early Spring Bloom - Candles - White
A scent as fresh as a hillside of just-opened poppies.
Top - Soft lily, cherry blossom | Mid - Poppy fields, jasmine | Base - White musk, sandalwood, tonka

Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt - Candles - Light Yellow
Orange and grapefruit, wonderfully cool and lush and edged with salt.
Top - Grapefruit, orange, lime | Mid - Yuzu | Base - Vanilla, sea salt

Life's A Breeze - Candles - Light Blue
Exhilarating and fresh, like a sea breeze on a cloudless day.
Top - Bergamot, sea air accord | Mid - Lavender, oakmoss | Base - Patchouli

Peaches & Cream - Candles - Light Peach
A wonderful swirl of thick, sweet cream and juicy peach.
Top - Peach, orange, whipped cream | Mid - Nectarine | Base - Creamy vanilla

Rainbow Cookie - Candles - Light Pink
Cookies so light and airy they're ready to melt in your mouth - filled with citrus and peach and sweet vanilla frosting.
Top - Sweet orange, creamy peach | Mid - Passionfruit, buttercream | Base - Vanilla frosting, coconut

Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose - Candles - Peach
A full bloom scent of lush, orange apricot and soft petals.
Top - Sun drenched apricot, nectarine blossom | Mid - Apricot roses, gardenia petals | Base - Sheer musk, soft powder

Sweet Nothings - Candles - Lavender
Warm, soft, sweet - like a special whisper just for you.
Top - Cyclamen | Mid - Lotus blossom | Base - Vanilla, powdery musk

Wildflower Blooms - Candles - Pale Green
A dewy fragrance of fields abloom with new, bright blossoms.
Top - Dewy greens, English daisy | Mid - Honey blossom, peony, magnolia petals | Base - Amber silk, white musk, violet leaf

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