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Yankee Candle Outdoor Candles

Outdoor Candles by Yankee Candle is a new scented candle collection designed for the outdoors. With citronella and essential oils this fragrance collection is housed in decorative tins with a wood lids that double as a base. The wax scents include Ocean Hibiscus with notes of watermelon, lemon, and water blossoms; Linden Tree Blossoms a blend of waterlily, wisteria, and linden blooms; Fresh Rain a mix of orchard ripe crisp apples, roses, and rosemary; and Sparkling Lemongrass, a lemony mix of herbs and bright geranium. Launched in May 2021, this new outdoor collection is available in large and medium sized wax candles.

Yankee Candle Outdoor Candles

Outdoor Candles - New Collection
A new way to enjoy true-to-life Yankee Candle fragrance...outside! Featuring citronella and other essential oils.

About Large Outdoor Candles
A new way to enjoy the quality and true to life fragrances of Yankee Candle... outside! Featuring fragrances designed by Yankee Candle experts and combined with citronella and other essential oils, the Outdoor Candle Collection is specially created for optimal performance outdoors. The decorative tin vessel is topped with a natural wooden lid that doubles as a base.

Wax: Unique, higher melt point wax designed for the outdoors
Glass: Decorative tin vessel with natural wooden lid designed to withstand outdoor elements
Wick: Two larger wicks stay lit in outdoor spaces

Large Candle: 20 oz. - Burn time up to 45 hours (Dimensions: 5.4" x 3.2")
Medium Candle: 10 oz. - Burn time up to 24 hours (Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.7")

YankeeCandle.com (May 2021)

New Scented Candles

Yankee Candle Outdoor Candles Perfume

Fresh Rain - Brighten your patio with an orchard in bloom filled with notes of crisp apple and rose balanced with rosemary.
Top - Apple, fruity, citrus
Heart - Rose, cyclamen, lily of the valley
Base - Ozone, woody, floral

Linden Tree Blossoms - Bring a touch of lush waterlily, breezy wisteria, linden blossom and citronella to your outdoor gatherings.
Top - Hosta leaves, linden blossom, lemon
Heart - Wisteria, waterlilies, geranium
Base - Musk, cedarwood

Ocean Hibiscus - The perfect outdoor companions...refreshing watermelon and cucumber with bright water blossoms and citronella.
Top - Ripe watermelon, orange, sparkling lemon, cucumber slices
Heart - Water blossom, juicy cantaloupe, kiwi water
Base - Aqua musk, sugarcane

Sparkling Lemongrass - Outdoor-Nod: A lemony mix of herbs and geranium bring a bright, beautiful vibe to your outdoor space.
Top - Citrus, lemongrass, thyme
Heart - Geranium, rose, elemi
Base - Fresh linen, floral

The Yankee Candle Outdoor Candles is available in medium and large size outdoor candles ($20 - $30).

(Source: yankeecandle.com, May 2021)

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