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Spring Elevation Candles by Yankee Candle - A new scent collection available this spring in the Elevation line of candles. The four scents include Rice Milk & Honey with "dashes of cinnamon and vanilla," Kumquat & Orange with a "blend of tart citrus fruits," Sea Salt & Lavender with a "blend of florals and fruit," and Salt Mist Peony with "dewy blossoms and berries." Launched in Spring 2020, these new scents are available in large 2-wick candles, medium 3-wick candles, and small 1-wick candles. The Elevation Collection candles are square candles that feature a brushed metal lid that fits under the candle. They contain a natural soy wax blend with 100% natural fiber wicks, and burn from 18-80 hours depending on the size. ($10-$25)

Yankee Candle Spring Elevation Candles 2020

New Elevation Candle Collection

Kumquat & Orange
The essence of sunlight distilled into a bright and shiny blend of tart citrus fruits.
Top - Kumquat, grapefruit peel, mandarin
Heart - Rhubarb, orange blossom
Base - Musk

Rice Milk & Honey
Warm rice milk gently sweetened with natural honey and dashes of cinnamon and vanilla - perfectly comforting.
Top - Cinnamon, sesame rice, honey latte
Heart - Vanilla blossom, honeymilk
Base - Tahitian vanilla, cinnamon bark

Yankee Candle Spring Elevation Candles

Salt Mist Peony
Wake to a misty morning on the coast, your cottage garden full of dewy blossoms and berries.
Top - Raspberry, sea salt
Heart - Cherry blossom, lotus, peony
Base - Violet, cedarwood, marine musks

Sea Salt & Lavender
Soothing lavender and refeshing sea salt complement an elegant blend of florals and fruit.
Top - Lavender, white cyclamen, pink himalayan salt
Heart - Coconut, pear blossom
Base - Figwood, vanilla bean, salty musk

(Source: yankeecandle.com, Apr. 2020)

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