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Sunday Brunch Fragrances by Yankee Candle - A new collection of scented candles inspired by sharing brunch and spending time with loved ones. Candles and home fragrances in 6 new scents. Belgian Waffle (pecans, vanilla, butter, cream), Floral Candy (sugar, jasmine, honeysuckle), Grilled Peaches & Vanilla (brown sugar, peach, honey), Sweet Morning Rose (rose, lily, marshmallow), White Strawberry Bellini (mango, pineapple, strawberry, champagne), and Blush Bouquet (cherry blossom, peony, lily, amber). Launched in February 2019 and available in classic jar, tumbler, tea lights, and votives candles, melt cups, and wax tarts.

Yankee Candle Sunday Brunch Collection Fragrances

Yankee Candle Sunday Brunch Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Yankee Candle
Introduced February 2019
Products Yankee Candle - Scented Candles / $2 - $29.50

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Yankee Candle Sunday Brunch Collection

"The Yankee Candle Sunday Brunch Collection sets the mood for creating warm and lasting memories — and, of course, waffles, bellinis, and decadent desserts! It's a brunch made for sharing, and it's all about spending time with the ones you love." --yankeecandle.com

New Fragrances

Belgian Waffle - Candles - White
Light and airy, warm and golden brown - a crisp lattice cradling melted butter - the classic brunch favorite.
Fragrance Notes
Top: Toasted Pecans, Vanilla
Mid: Waffle Batter, Dash of Cinnamon, Melted Butter
Base: Whipped Cream

Blush Bouquet - Candles and Home Fragrances - Pale Pink
Welcoming pink peonies, lilies, and citrus blossoms in a bespoke bouquet fit for the center of the table.
Fragrance Notes
Cherry Blossoms
Peony, Sweet Pea, Lily

Floral Candy - Candles - Light Pink
Colorful blossoms sparkling with sugar crystals and delicately placed upon delicious creamy frosting.
Fragrance Notes
Top: Spun Sugar, Peach Nectar, Red Currant
Mid: Soft Jasmine Petals, Elderflower, Pink Honeysuckle
Base: Sweet Violet

Grilled Peaches & Vanilla - Candles - Peach
Caramelized brown sugar and golden honey drizzled over juicy grilled peaches and garnished with vanilla cream.
Fragrance Notes
Top: Grapefruit, Brown Sugar, Black Currant
Mid: Grilled Peaches, Apricot
Base: Drizzled Honey, Vanilla Cream

Sweet Morning Rose - Candles - Lilac
A pretty pink confection garnished with delicate rose petals - an artistic, sweet finale.
Fragrance Notes
Top: Pear Blossom, Sparking Rose Water
Mid: Sugared Rose Petals, Lily, Ylang Ylang
Base: Powdery Musk, Marshmallow

White Strawberry Bellini - Candles - Peachy Pink
A blissful brunch companion-sweetened by mango and pineapple, swirled with strawberry in a sophisticated libation.
Fragrance Notes
Pineapple, Juicy Orange
Fresh Mango, Peach Nectar, Chilled Champagne

(Source: yankeecandle.com 05/19)

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