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Tropical Candle Fragrances by Yankee Candle - A new collection of candle fragrances inspired by tropical beaches. These five fresh home fragrance scents include Black Sand Beach (black orchid, jasmine, patchouli), Coconut Beach (coconut, pineapple, vanilla), Guava Coconut Fusion (grapefruit, guava, coconut), Island Waterfall (tropical water, freesia, waterlily), and Tahitian Nights (sea salt, driftwood, lavender). Available now in classic jar candles, tumbler candles, tea lights, and votive candles.

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Fragrance House Yankee Candle
Introduced March 2017
Scents Black Sand Beach | Coconut Beach | Guava Coconut Fusion | Island Waterfall | Tahitian Nights
Products Yankee Candle - Scented Candles / $1.99 - $27.99

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Yankee Candle Tropical Candles

Black Sand Beach
As striking as a stretch of black volcanic sand - black orchid, jasmine and patchouli create a strong, clean scent.
Top Notes -- Black peppercorn
Heart Notes -- Night blooming jasmine, black orchid
Base Notes -- Dark woods, patchouli, vanilla bean
Black - Candles

Coconut Beach
A taste of the tropics - warm coconut blended with pineapple and Tahitian vanilla.
Top Notes -- Salty air, pineapple
Heart Notes -- Fresh coconut, lei blossom
Base Notes -- Airy musk, Tahitian vanilla
White - Candles

Guava Coconut Fusion
A bright tropical concoction that blends tangy and sweet into something very refreshing.
Top Notes -- Grapefruit
Heart Notes -- Guava, mango blossom
Base Notes -- Coconut
Coral - Candles

Island Waterfall
A cooling mist of tropical waters, tinged with freesia and waterlily.
Top Notes -- Watery ozone
Heart Notes -- Waterlily, freesia
Base Notes -- Musk
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Tahitian Nights
Just like a stroll, hand-in-hand, along the sand when dusk is at its most romantic - touched with sea salt, driftwood and a gentle breeze of lavender.
Top Notes -- Coastal lavender
Heart Notes -- Deep ocean blooms
Base Notes -- Driftwood, sea foam
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