Drom Perfume Manufacturer

Drom Fragrances is a family owned German fragrance manufacturer.

It was founded in 1911 by Pharmacist Bruco Storp in Munich. Drom is one of the top ten leading perfume manufacturers in the world. Drom headquarters are in Munich, but they are represented in 43 countries, with 15 subsidiaries and 4 production sites.


"drom fragrances is a fragrance house in its purest form. All we do is create fragrances - for all possible applications, all possible clients, all over the world." --drom.com

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  • Address: Oberdiller Str. 18 Baierbrunn, 82065 Germany
  • Phone: + 49 89 74425 0
  • Email: info@drom.com

Perfumers - Current and Former Noses

Agnes Mazin - New York
Alexandra Monet - Paris
Alix Miral - Munich
Barbara Wittig - Munich (1979-)
Barbara Zoebelein - Munich (2003-)
Benoist Lapouza
Christophe Raynaud
Corinne Cachen - Paris
Delphine Jelk - Paris
Don Latici - New York
Eurico Mazzini - Brazil
Georges de Lignerolles - Guangzhou/China
Jan Fockenbrock - Munich
Jean Claude Delville - New York
John Lambeth - Sydney
Kevin James Verspoor - New York (2008-)
Maartin Schoute - Munich (1974-)
Michel Almairac
Mylene Alran - Paris
Paulo Moraes - Brazil
Philippe Romano - Paris (2000-)
Pierre-Constantin Gueros - Munich
Thomas Crabalona - Guangzhou/China
Thomas Hogan - New York
Valerie Garnuch - Munich
Udo Pierskalla - Munich

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