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Gil Clavien Giannoni is a perfumer at Firmenich. After graduating from the University of Geneva in 1989, Gil joined Firmenich as a Assistant Perfumer in Switzerland working with Tony Morris and Francis Deleamont. While at Firmenich she worked in Switzerland, Japan, Germany, and since 1997 the U.S. creating mass market toiletries and fine fragrances.

Latest Fragrance Creations

All Perfumes created by Gil Clavien

Bath & Body Works

Classic for Men - 2012 (with Harry Fremont)

Britney Spears

Rainbow Fantasy - 2019

Christina Aguilera

Secret Potion - 2011

Elizabeth Arden

White Tea Mandarin Blossom - 2020
White Tea Vanilla Orchid - 2019


G7 Mixed

Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani

G of the Sea - 2011


Solar - 2015

Perfumer's Workshop

Samba Ruby - 2016

Perry Ellis

Citron - 2015

The Limited

Simply Modern Belle - 2016

Vera Wang

Hippie Princess - 2015

Victoria's Secret

Bombshell Gold - 2020
Forever Sexy - 2015 (with Mark Knitkowski)
Oh What Fun Is Pink - 2011
Scandalous - 2014 (with Mark Knitkowski)

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