Robertet Perfume Manufacturer

Robertet is a French flavoring and fragrance manufacturer.

Founded in 1850 in Grasse, France, it is a family owned company and world leaded in natural ingredients. Robertet is the world's leading source of natural, sustainable and organic ingredients and the only fragrance, flavor and ingredient company fully integrated at each step of the creation process, from the source ingredient to the final fragrance and flavor. Robertet provides their customers with world class innovation in scent and taste.


"Robertet Group has three businesses: natural raw materials, perfume compositions and food flavourings. Its success is global, reflected in its active presence across more than 50 countries in the world's main business regions. Robertet ranks as a world leader in natural ingredients, capitalising on its expertise gained from years of experience and a continuous drive to innovate. The Group's most recent acquisition of SAPAD attests to its investment in organic products. Its industrial facilities, which include production, R&D and design centres, form a network spanning more than 11 countries:"

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  • Address: 37, avenue Sidi Brahim, BP 52100, 06130 Grasse Cedex, France
  • Phone: 33 4 93 40 33 66

USA Headquarters

  • Address: 14 East 60TH Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10022
  • Phone: +1-212-710-4600

Perfumers - Current and Former Noses

Amandine Marie
Clement Marx
Fabrice Pellegrin
Jerome Epinette
Michel Almairac - Perfumer
Mylene Alran - Paris
Quentin Bisch - Perfume Assistant
Sidonie Lancesseur
Vito Lenoci

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