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Glamour Magazine May 2010 issue had a terrific article featuring 30 new fragrances categorized for Work, for a Date, and for the Weekend. Their perfume testers sniffed an array of scents and the article showcases their top picks. Included are several new perfumes found at your local fragrance counters. Some celebrity perfumes and celebrity endorsed scents made the cut. Plus - Rules for perfume buying!

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial by Baze Mpinja, Find Your New Scent.

Great fragrances for Work

For Work Fragrances

In the "For Work" category we found Vera Wang Glam Princess eau de toilette spray (spokesmodel actress Zoe Kravitz), Lancome Tresor eau de parfum spray (spokesmodel actress Kate Winslet), and Eva Longoria's debut celebrity fragrance Eva by Eva Longoria by Falic Fashion Group. See the complete list below:

Great fragrances for a Date

For a Date Fragrances

The "For a Date" class featured four celebrity pefumes. Halle Berry's quietly launch Halle Pure Orchid, her follow-up fragrance to Halle by Halle Berry. SJP NYC eau de toilette spray from Sarah Jessica Parker, her alter-ego inspired scent, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Two debut celebrity scents in the mix were from TV personality Kim Kardashian's Kim Kardashian perfume, and Sasha Fierce's record breaking hit Beyonce Heat perfume. See the complete list below:

Great fragrances for the Weekend

For the Weekend Fragrances

The "For the Weekend" grouping features the perfumes of Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret, fronted by actress Uma Thurman, and Eternal Magic by Avon fronted by Avatar actress Zoe Saldana. Also in the mix was comeback-kid Britney Spears with her latest addition to the Fantasy perfume series, Circus Fantasy, from Elizabeth Arden eau de parfum. See the complete list below:

5 Smart Rules for Buying Perfume

  1. Browse in the morning. "That's when your senses are most alert," says Franco Wright, co-owner of
  2. Before you judge a scent, "let it linger on your skin for 15 minutes," says Patricia Saxby, vice president of fragrance at Bergdorf Goodman.
  3. To make sure you love a perfume, try it more than once. Take home a sample for resniffing.
  4. For good deals, shop during holidays (Mother's Day counts!). "That's when you can find value sets," says Saxby.
  5. If your favorite scent has been discontinued, call the brand directly. They may be able to find extra stock.

(Mpinja, Baze. "Find Your New Scent." Glamour May 2010: 238-241.)

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