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Anarchy by Axe - A his and hers collection of body fragrances from Axe. Anarchy for Her is a fruity floral blend of apple, blackberry, florals, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber. Anarchy for Him is a fresh masculine scent of fruits, sage, and musk.

Axe Anarchy

Axe Anarchy - fragrance info

Fragrance House Axe
Introduced January 2012
Scents Available Anarchy For Her | Anarchy For Him
Collection Anarchy Collection
Available Products Axe Anarchy - Body Spray, Deodorant, Shower Gel, 2-in-1 Shampoo

Axe Anarchy Ad Campaign

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Axe Anarchy For Her bath and body fragrances
Axe Anarchy For Her
"Axe Anarchy For Her is a feminine mix of sparkling fruity notes (apple, blackberry) with soft florals at the heart and a light finish of sandalwood, amber and vanilla. The fragrance is delicate and fun, designed to be used throughout the day."
Axe Anarchy For Him, bath and body fragrances
Axe Anarchy For Him
"AXE Anarchy for Him is a combination of fresh and fruity notes, and sweet woods, like sandalwood and white amber. AXE Anarchy For Him evokes an AXE signature fragrance that is irresistible and addictive. AXE Anarchy Shower Gel gives you a super charged clean and is designed to help guys look, feel and smell their best."
Axe Anarchy - fragrance editorials

Axe Anarchy fragrance
Cosmopolitan Magazine - Apr. 2012
Axe Anarchy Fragrance

His and Hers Scents
Heighten your next date night with duos that play off each other and make you both irresistible.

Going wild at the club?
Mist on Axe Anarchy Body Spray for Him and Her, $5 each. They start out sweet, then they morph into a naughty floral scent on your and a mouthwatering spicy one on your man.

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("Beauty His Picks: His and Hers Scents." Cosmopolitan Apr. 2012: 84)

Axe Anarchy for Her body spray
Allure Magazine - Feb. 2012
Axe Anarchy for Her Body Spray

The Axe Factor
After years of helping men score, Axe is turning the tables with its new women's body spray. We took Anarchy for Her -- a mix of apple, orchid, and sandalwood -- to Full Circle Bar in Brooklyn to test its game.

"It smells fresh and clean -- almost like soap. I would wear it every day." --Meghan
"It's innocent yet sexy. I could see myself wearing this with a lacy dress in the summer." --Lybov
"It's like I walked into the perfume section of a store and all the fragrances mixed together." --Rachel

(O'Neill, Catherine Q. "Beauty Reporter: Smell This." Allure Feb. 2012: 50)

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