His and Hers Scents

Heighten your next date night with duos that play off each other and make you both irresistible. Whether you and you man are heading to a game, having a romantic dinner, or going wild at the club, we've got to duo scent setup for you.

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial, His and Hers Scents, in Cosmopolitan Magazine, April 2012 issue.

Having a romantic dinner?

Reach for Soul2Soul by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, $24.50 each. Both are infused with sultry-smelling everlasting flower -- a note so sexy, you'll probably skip dessert.

Heading to a sports game?

Spray on Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection #4 for Women ($70) and Men ($67.50). Energizing fruity notes (mandarin for him, cherry for you) will keep you into your team...and each other.

Going wild at the club?

Mist on Axe Anarchy Body Spray for Him and Her, $5 each. They start out sweet, then they morph into a naughty floral scent on your and a mouthwatering spicy one on your man.

("Bewitch Him with Scent." Cosmopolitan Dec. 2011.)

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