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Fashion perfume articles and fragrance editorials.

Fragrance Articles & Editorials

FiFi Awards 2012 FiFi Awards 2012
Full list of the Fragrance Foundation FiFi award finalists and winners of the prestigious perfume celebration.

Eau So Gorgeous Eau So Gorgeous - Fragrance Gifts
Whether you've got a lot or a little to spend this season, our guide for pleasing everyone on your list. (Don't forget to treat yourself, too!)

Find Your Perfect Scent Find Your Perfect Scent - Fall Fragrances
Perfume experts, designers, and fashion-savvy women reveal the secrets to discovering the fragrances that suit your style.

The Power of Perfume The Power of Perfume
An alluring mystique is created by a woman's choice of scent. The appeal of perfume is that it is at once ephemeral and empowering.

Fragrance Q&A - Making Scents of it All Fragrance Q&A - Making Scents of it All
Get ready to up your aroma I.Q. We've found answers to the fragrance questions you've always wondered about, plus plenty of new blends to try -- on you and your guy.

Allure's Best of Beauty Allure's Best of Beauty - Fragrance
Thousands of beauty products were launched last year, joining the tens of thousands of jars, bottles, and tubes already on the shelves. Overwhelmed? Don't be. These...are all you need to know -- and own.

Worldly Scents Worldly Scents
A fragrance explorer uncovers the history of how culture informs what smells good on us.

Scent Lust: The Sexiest Fragrances Scent Lust: The Sexiest Fragrances
It doesn't take a degree in science to know that some scents evoke lover (er, make that lust) more than others. Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez, coauthors of Perfumes: The A-Z Guide list the five sexiest perfumes of all time.

How to Apply Fragrance How to Apply Fragrance
An interview with Sophia Grojsman, a perfume who has created scents for Yves Saint Laurent and Estee Lauder. Plus: Tips on storing scents and buying perfume.

Designer Fragrances for Fall Designer Fragrances for Fall
There's more to a designer fragrance than scent alone. Here, the recipes for five of the season's hottest house blends.

Seductive Scents Seductive Scents - Fall Fragrances
Beyond smelling amazing, these new perfumes have incredible perks -- starting with the power to make a man want to linger within inches of your body for hours on end.

Uncommon Scents Uncommon Scents
Flowers and fruits are lovely, but some of the newest fragrances for fall contain notes that were never considered beautiful.

Fall Fragrance: Change of Season Fall Fragrance: Change of Season
The most successful fall fragrances don't express a change in climate, but a shift in light.

Scents of Place Scents of Place
Perfumers, take note: Before you set out to name your new scent, we have a few pointers.

Elsa Schiaparelli - The Art of Fashion and Fragrance Elsa Schiaparelli - The Art of Fashion and Fragrance
Italian fashion designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, was one of the most influential creators of Parisian haute couture in the era between the two World Wars. She was a visionary and artist in the fashion industry, bringing a Shocking new style to the dull and drab knitwear age.

Gold Medal Glam Gold Medal Glam
Olympic beauties talk about their perfume pick-me-ups.

Celebrate Dad with Cologne Celebrate Dad with Cologne
Celebrate Dad with these notable treasures!

Summer in a Bottle Summer in a Bottle
Shut your eyes and think of summer. Are you dreaming of a beach day? Fresh-cut flowers? A night under the stars? Yeah, there's a perfume for that! Find yours here.

5 Tricks to Smell Gorgeous 5 Tricks to Smell Gorgeous
The right fragrance can lift your mood, entice your guy, and boost a blah workday. Just follow these steps to find a scent even a perfume-phobe would love.

Foreign Exchange Fragrances Foreign Exchange Fragrances
Marie Claire's international beauty editors dish on what's hot in every hemisphere.

Sensible Scents for Work Sensible Scents for Work
Spray away! These work-worthy perfumes won't leave your cubemate gasping for air.

Smell Fresh: Body Mists Smell Fresh: Body Mists
These body splashes are the fragrance version of ice-cold lemonade: light, refreshing, and made for hot days!

Fragrance: Eau So Mom Fragrance: Eau So Mom
Stumped on the gift front for Mother's Day? These fragrance bouquets will last longer than anything from your local florist.

Fragrance Dynasties: All in the Family Fragrance Dynasties: All in the Family (Summer Edition Perfumes)
The concept of fragrance "dynasties" can be extended to scents themselves. Successful perfumes often beget "flankers". Flankers are easy to spot - just look for an adjective such as "intense" or "nior" on the bottle. Here, old favorites remixed just in time for summer.

Perfume Ingredients: Raw Power Perfume Ingredients: Raw Power
Inside every perfumery, there's a mysterious underworld dedicated to finding and isolating new molecules that give modern fragrances depth and complexity.

His and Hers Scents His and Hers Scents
Heighten your next date night with duos that play off each other and make you both irresistible. Whether you and you man are heading to a game, having a romantic dinner, or going wild at the club, we've got to duo scent setup for you.

Celebrity Perfumes, the Smell of Success The Smell of Success, Celebrity Perfumers
Since Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds launched the celebrity-fragrance phenomenon in 1991, everyone from Bruce Willis to Danielle Steele has taken a shot at bottling their fame. A select few have become trure perfume moguls. After all, a singer rarely releases just one song. Here's to the most prolific perfumers in entertainment.

New Patchouli Perfumes New Patchouli Perfumes
Patchouli may no longer be hippie, but as evidenced by some new fragrances, it's definitely hip. Meet some of the latest scents on the scene. Patchouli brings depth and sex appeal to a fragrance, and it's quite dark. It's also a note that reacts strongly to others you put next to it.

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