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Ikat Collection by - "The exotic and beautiful Ikat weaving technique as been made new again with fresh colors and beautiful patterns." --virginiacandle.com

WoodWick Ikat Candle Collection

WoodWick Ikat Candle Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House WoodWick Candles
Introduced September 2012
Scents Available Blue Moon & Amber | Henna & Rosewood | Prickly Pear & Vanilla | Tea Tree & Fig
Available Products Scented Candles $14.99

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Home Fragrance Scents

WoodWick Candles Blue Moon and Amber home fragrances
Blue Moon & Amber
"Evoke the scents of a cool night during a full moon with warm amber, sandalwood and hints of lime blossom."
WoodWick Candles Henna and Rosewood home fragrances
Henna & Rosewood
"The exotic scent of rich henna, spicy rosewood, and precious musk with a whisper of patchouli."
WoodWick Candles Prickly Pear and Vanilla home fragrances
Prickly Pear & Vanilla
"The sweet scents of prickly pear combined with the comforting notes of pure vanilla sugar cane."
WoodWick Candles Tea Tree and Fig home fragrances
Tea Tree & Fig
"Experience the fusion of Italian bergamot, golden amber, and a hint of earth moss and patchouli."

(Source: virginiagiftbrands.com, 2012)

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