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Our highly fragranced jar candles feature a natural wooden wick to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire. The large jar candle fragrances up to 180 hours, medium jar candle 100 hours, small jar candle 40 hours, and petite jar candle up to 20 hours. $10-$25
WoodWick Candles Trilogy Candles
Trilogy Candles
Our premium WoodWick candle in a beautiful blend of color and fragrance. Each color layer contains a different fragrance. As the candle burns, each fragrance and color melts into the next layer, creating a unique new fragrance. 10oz jar fragrances up to 100 hours. $19-$25
WoodWick Candles Reserve Candles
Reserve Candles
Reserve candles have been carefully selected based on fragrance notes specific to the male perspective. They feature a substantial piece of glass with stylish architectural detailing, and a front label made of stamped leather. Each candle is 8oz and burns up to 60 hours. $16
WoodWick Candles Escape Candles
Escape Candles
Enjoy the soothing sound of a crackling fire that you have come ot expect from WoodWick now with the added beauty and texture of mottled wax and exquisite custom glass. Large candle features 2 wicks, fragrances up to 130 hours. Medium candle up to 90 hours. $19-$25
WoodWick Candles Gallerie Candles
Gallerie Candles
The WoodWick Gallerie Collection combines the comfort and crackle of a WoodWick candle with distinctive art gallery inspired designs. Featuring custom made 8.5oz tins in specially selected fragrances. Fragrances up to 80 hours. $15
WoodWick Candles Reed Diffusers
Reed Diffusers
Fragrance without the flame! WoodWick Reed diffusers feature highly concentrated fragrances infused with essential oils. The 2oz size makes the perfect gift, designed to last up to 4 weeks or more. The large 7.4 oz. diffuser fragrances 3 months or more. $15-$20
WoodWick Candles Wax Melts Candles
Wax Melts
Our highly scented wax melts are perfect for use in standard simmer pots and fragrance up to ten hours. $2
WoodWick Candles Car Vent Scents
Car Vent
Enjoy genuine WoodWick fragrance and help eliminate odors in cars, closets or any other space. Lasts up to 45 days. $5
WoodWick Candles Sachets
The elegantly designed sachet contains concentrated fragrance beads that will add fragrance to your linen closet, suitcase, or vehicle. $2.50
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WoodWick Candles home fragrances: by the Virginia Candle Company, founded in 1990 in Lynchburg, Virginia. Now known as the Virgina Gift Brands.
Contact - Virgina Gift Brands, 1000 Dillard Dr, Forest, VA 24551
Tel 1-800-827-2231 | woodwick.com

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