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Spring Fragrance Collection by WoodWick Candles - " Catch Spring Fever with our latest collections featuring stunning Mercury Glass, Classic Mosaics, and Ceramic candles that add a touch of spring to any décor." --virginiacandle.com

WoodWick Candles Spring Collection

WoodWick Candles Spring Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House WoodWick Candles
Introduced March 2013
Scents Available Afternoon Tea | Chiffon Sands | Coastal Breeze | Sea Coral | Strawberry Parfait | Under the Willow Tree
Available Products Mosiac Candle 10oz / $20, Mercury Candle 12oz / $20, Ceramic Candle 10oz / $18

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Home Fragrance Scents

WoodWick Candles Afternoon Tea home fragrances
Afternoon Tea
"A revitalizing blend of smooth herbal tea with hints of citrus and honey."
Available in: Mercury
WoodWick Candles Chiffon Sands home fragrances
Chiffon Sands
"A scent fusion of warm sand, coconut oil, and sea breeze."
Available in: Ceramic, Mosaic
WoodWick Candles Coastal Breeze home fragrances
Coastal Breeze
"The essence of a warm tropical breeze with notes of exotic fruits and wild orchid."
Available in: Ceramic, Mosaic
WoodWick Candles Sea Coral home fragrances
Sea Coral
"Lavender water and sea salt combine in this refreshing tropical scent."
Available in: Ceramic, Mosaic
WoodWick Candles Strawberry Parfait home fragrances
Strawberry Parfait
"A sweet treat of sugared strawberries topped with fresh whipped cream."
Available in: Mercury. Mosaic
WoodWick Candles Under the Willow Tree fragrances
Under the Willow Tree
"The scents of a beautiful spring day with notes of freshly cut grass, flowering trees, and cool water."
Available in: Mercury, Mosaic

(Source: virginiagiftbrands.com, 2013)

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